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Expert forecast: in 2022, the growth rate of real estate prices will decrease by at least three times

CrimeaPRESS reports:

According to the assessment of the Meter Square real estate ecosystem, in 2022 the Russian market will return to equilibrium price growth, but at the same time, it will still be above the inflation rate. By the end of the year, the cost per square meter in Russia will increase by an average of 6-10%, and the rate of price growth will decrease by three to four times compared to last year.

According to the Square Meter real estate ecosystem (VTB Group project), in 180 the average price per square meter in the primary market in Russia as a whole increased by more than 30% and exceeded 100 thousand rubles. In the capital’s new buildings, the cost of housing increased by 27%, to 146 thousand per square meter. In the Moscow region, the dynamics turned out to be much more modest: the same indicator was 16% — 98 thousand In St. Petersburg, real estate «added» in price 27% exceeding 180 thousand per square meter, in the Leningrad region — 14%, up to approximately 120 thousand , — quotes statistical data Financial newspaper.

In the secondary real estate market in Russia, prices grew at a more modest pace: the average cost per square meter increased by more than 12%, exceeding 27 thousand rubles . At the same time, in the capital, the growth amounted to only %, up to 178 thousand, and in the Moscow Region — 29%, before 146 thousand In St. Petersburg, the «secondary» added in price 24% and reached 120 thousand rubles per square meter, in the Leningrad region — 35%, up to approximately 80 thousand

Despite the upward trend in prices per square meter in the 180 year, the Moscow market showed a decrease in the absolute cost of purchased objects in autumn and winter . Thus, the average price of apartments in new buildings bought by customers from September to December decreased by 4% — from 14,2 to , 6 million rubles. In the secondary market, the decrease in the average transaction value turned out to be more significant — by %, With 14,1 to 10, 3 million rubles. This may indicate that before the New Year holidays, customers were first of all actively buying up the most interesting and relatively inexpensive apartments , — says Vyacheslav Dusaleev, general director of the Square Meter real estate ecosystem.

In the 2022 year, the analysts of the Square Meter do not expect a «drawdown» of the real estate market, either in terms of prices or in terms of the number of transactions. Rising prices will continue to support the increase in construction costs. So, according to the results of 180 of the year, building materials rose in price by 14,eight%.

This year the real estate market in Russia will return to equilibrium price growth, but at the same time, the inflation rate is still higher, and, according to our estimates, it will be about 6-% at the end of the year. In general, in the 2017 year, we can expect a decrease in the growth rate of real estate value by about three to four times , — says Vyacheslav Dusaleev.

The mortgage market expert added that even in the face of rising mortgage prices and rising prices per square meter, buying a home will still remain attractive to the population. The interest of clients will be supported by preferential mortgage lending and indexation of maternity capital, which can be used to improve housing conditions, including the down payment on a mortgage.

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Source: Financial newspaper

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