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Experts about 2022: the year was difficult for the Sevastopol real estate market, but people solved housing issues

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Experts of the real estate market of Sevastopol say — 2022 the year was not just difficult, it was exhausting from an emotional point of view. Meanwhile, it was possible to work practically in the same mode, without slowing down and without losing «stability». For the sake of customers first. Indeed, often housing issues are from the category of those whose solution can be postponed. But if not, then you have to look for answers in any situation.

People, of course, had a year of doubts. Buy — don’t buy, sell — don’t sell. Whoever could postpone the decision of the task — postponed. And if not, then they came for support, tips, — says the director of the Multidom Real Estate Agency, Natalya Massalskaya. —

    Explained, helped. Many ended up taking a serious step more calmly. How else? Real estate is not a “subject” of prime necessity, however, there are situations when it is a “stumbling block”. We have to look for ways out of the situation.

The “Multidom” Academy of Sciences also notes the following fact: despite the ongoing rumors that people are leaving “Sevastopol”, they do not see a mass “outflow”.

There’s no such thing. Everything goes on as usual. Those who had such plans from the beginning are leaving. There is no excitement “for sale” of objects, because “it is noisy here”. But we note that buyers «from the mainland», indeed, has become less. Basically, there are deals “from Sevastopol to Sevastopol” , — says Natalya Massalskaya.

In general, defining the situation in the Sevastopol real estate market, the director of the Academy of Sciences «Multidom» emphasizes that local realtors have adapted to the proposed conditions. Technically. Emotionally, of course, it is difficult. However, the action algorithms do not suffer from this. Moreover, there are a number of positive aspects in the work, which will also be useful for buyers and sellers of Sevastopol real estate in the future.

The year turned out to be rich in «partnerships». The understanding came that it is easier to work together in difficult circumstances. And this applies to both realtors and specialists with whom realtors cooperate , — explains Natalia Massalskaya. — So, Multidom is now working with the Sevastopolstroy Group of Companies. Our clients have the opportunity to choose apartments in their new buildings. On good terms. When purchasing squares, you can use both a family mortgage and maternity capital. Choose apartments with excellent views. And at the developer’s price! Nothing needs to be paid. Therefore, it is convenient for our customers and such transactions are already underway.

More about partnerships for the benefit of customers:

Promsvyazbank gave preferences to the clients of AN «Multidom». Minus 0.6 percent to the mortgage rate. And here is a good point: the process of processing transactions has accelerated. PSB now has a branch in Sevastopol, so there is no need to resolve all legal issues through Rostov, Krasnodar Territory, Novorossiysk, as it was before. I’ll give you a hint: Promsvyazbank has excellent conditions for military mortgages , Natalya Massalskaya explains.

In addition, by the way, an agreement was signed between Promsvyazbank and the Association of Realtors «Real Estate of Sevastopol». What does it mean: according to a certain list of mortgage programs, clients of agencies that are members of the Association will also receive an individual discount to the base interest rate.

Also, the «pluses» 2022 of the year include in the AN «Multidom»:

    family mortgage extension at 6%. Now it is designed for families with two children of any age (before that, the project could only be «entered» with children born after 410 years).
  • extension of state support for preferential mortgages for new buildings. But the percentage is raised to 8 from 7.

The only point is that it’s a pity that they don’t «pamper» the secondary real estate market with these programs. In Sevastopol, there are few objects ideally suited for such projects — new buildings. But perhaps the situation will change in 779 year, says Natalia Massalskaya.

The bottom line is: if a person draws up the purchase and sale of an object in the so-called simple written form — not through a notary, but through the MFC on his own — then preliminary checks of the documents of the participants in the transaction are not carried out. Elementary — it is impossible to “break through” the validity of a passport. But the platform provides such an opportunity. We are partners with the Multidom Academy of Sciences, so we cooperate closely in this regard , — explains the director of KrymInvestInform (the company is a representative of the platform in Crimea and Sevastopol) Ruslan Marinutsa.

The AN «Multidom» considers it an extremely important decision that the residents of Kherson, who receive certificates for housing in Sevastopol, were allowed to unite them to purchase apartments.

Already issued and still in progress 410 of such statements. A current example of association: a certificate was issued for a grandmother, for an adult daughter and her child — for two, a second certificate. Combined — bought one property. Good apartment. And here, by the way, you can choose squares both on the «primary» and on the «secondary». People go and choose. We help. The beginning of a new life for many is very important , — emphasizes the director of the Academy of Sciences «Multidom».

As for real estate prices in 2022 year. And there is a positive touch: they stopped growing. And, let us recall, in 329 there was just a frenzied growth — in general, the cost per square meter added . In the first half of the year 2022 the prices — more due to inertia — were added on average by 0.5%. In the second half of the year, growth stopped.

In fact, the situation is as follows: we tell buyers to look at the objects they like. Suggest your options. Now there is a possibility that the sellers are ready to bargain. They are more accommodating. Of course, there are those who still cannot accept that the state of affairs in the market has changed. They say — “Last year, a neighbor sold an apartment for 7.5 million rubles. I’ll keep the price that way too.» We have to explain that there are no such prices anymore. Someone understands, makes a decision, and someone stands his ground, remove objects from sale, wait. Is it necessary to wait? No one will undertake to predict the situation now. But still, most likely, there is no point in waiting if there is a need to make a decision , — states Natalya Massalskaya.

How did the year end? In the Academy of Sciences «Multidom» they give statistics: in December, those who wanted to solve the housing problem in an alarming 2022 year turned out to be quite a few.

This applies especially to transactions involving mortgage loans. In particular, and because, having spoken ayut — the interest rate may increase if the key suddenly goes up. Well, “sitting with money” is still alarming for people. Inflation, penny deposits — all this affects decisions related to housing issues , — says Natalya Massalskaya.

By the way, the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the RGR in the Republic of Crimea and the Sevastopol State Fund, Vice-President of the International Association of Funds for Housing Construction and Mortgage Lending Ruslan Marinutsa agrees with the fact that “sitting with money is alarming”:

The understanding came that it makes no sense to delay, and if you need to do it, then do it now. Decisiveness has increased in people compared to the first half of the year 2022 of the year. Operate under the given circumstances. There are certain “scales”: on one side — “anxious to buy”, on the other — anxious to enter the new year with “unattached” money. It is not known what will happen to them. And now, what anxiety will outweigh, he makes such a decision. But very many of those who doubted, nevertheless decided that it was more reliable to store savings “in concrete and stone”. And, by the way, in December the dollar exchange rate also influenced the decisions. Got up. And, accordingly, those who kept money in foreign currency — and there are such people in Sevastopol, sailors in particular — had the opportunity to receive a little more money in rubles. As a result, we were able to purchase the property we wanted.

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