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Experts: loan amount for preferential and family mortgages more than doubled

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The government has sharply increased the amount of credit for preferential and family mortgages. For Moscow and St. Petersburg, it will grow to 10 million rubles. For other regions — up to 15 million. Earlier, experts of the portal recall, the limit for capitals and their regions was up to million rubles, for all the rest — up to six. The program will be valid until the end of the year for buying an apartment in a new building, a land plot or building your own house. Experts support the adoption of any stimulus measures, but doubt that anything can really work.

The real estate market is up. In Moscow, after a sharp jump in the secondary market in March, when Rosreestr issued for 15% more contracts for the sale of housing compared to February, in April the same figure fell by 20,5%. And compared to April last year, the decline was almost 35%. Demand for new apartments in Moscow and the region in April almost halved compared to March.

Dataflat estimates that there were 9,500 transactions for the purchase of housing in new buildings in the capital region last month. Mortgages, for obvious reasons, were not considered at all in April.

It is not clear yet whether the reduced preferential rate helped with % to 9%, says the head of the CIAN analytical center Alexei Popov:

There were May holidays, such a traditional calm is celebrated these days. If you look at the April statistics, then there is a significant decline. Yes, he is 35% Moscow region, 30% St. Petersburg region, in principle, comparable values ​​of the fall of our key regional centers. That is, it is clear that in April the market fell very strongly, yes, there the number of mortgages issued minus 60%, minus 60-70%, as estimated by various credit bureaus.

As for the increase in limits, on the one hand, this expands the possibilities for buying real estate — 10 millions in Moscow is really enough to buy an apartment, if we are not talking about the high price segment. And even more so 10 millions in the regions. Unless, of course, take Sochi. On the other hand, some commercial banks extended these limits even before the government’s decision. But this is unlikely to help, experts say.

Citizens have less money and more reason to fear that they will be left without work, continues the vice-president of the Russian Guild of Realtors Konstantin Aprelev:

There is only one way out of this situation: either the income of the population will increase, which the population does not really expect now, or the mortgage rate will decrease to the level of the middle 2021 years, then demand can somehow recover. At least in the same volume or slightly less, but, let’s say, the volumes of transactions will not differ significantly, but in fact now the volumes of transactions decreased by two or three times in April, according to Rosreestr, and, of course, the same will be in May.

As for prices, according to some experts, in the near future it can be predicted that they will at least not grow any more. Others are confident that in the next year and a half, prices will fall by -10. In their opinion, only in this case effective demand will return to the market.


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