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Experts: tenants will choose management companies in a new way

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Perhaps every homeowner has faced inaction and violations on the part of the management company. Moreover, experts of the portal Force of Law note, despite dissatisfaction with the work of their Criminal Code, most often citizens do nothing. In general, this phenomenon has a completely logical explanation. In practice, it is very difficult to fight against «communal» falsifications, abuse of rights, failure to fulfill their obligations by the Criminal Code.

Making the management company effectively fulfill its obligations to residents is not an easy task. Endless calls and appeals to the police, the prosecutor’s office, the state housing inspectorate may not bring results.

However, the State Duma is now considering a draft law, according to which the procedure for choosing management companies in Russia may change significantly.

How will the innovation affect the lives of all apartment owners? What are the pros and cons of the new mechanism? More on this later.

Changing the management company of an apartment building is not an easy and rather long event. According to the old procedure, more than 50% of the votes of those present at the general meeting of homeowners were required to change the Criminal Code. The General Meeting is competent (has a quorum) if the owners or their representatives, who have more than 50% of the total number of votes, took part in it (part 3 of Art. LCD RF). It turns out that the decision to change the Criminal Code can be made subject to the presence of ¼ votes of the owners.

New procedure for choosing house managers

Legislators have prepared amendments to articles 44 and 46 of the LC RF . According to the new procedure, in order to select a new management company, it will be necessary to collect at least 44% + 1 vote, that is, a majority of the votes of apartment owners is required. If the law is adopted, then the new procedure for changing the Criminal Code will start working from the fall of this year — from 01.09.2022 G.

It is worth noting that, in general, the voting procedure is noticeably more complicated, because now new house managers will be chosen by a majority vote of residents. The new procedure is actually similar to the procedure for making a decision on the creation of a homeowners association. The decision to create an HOA is considered adopted if the owners who have more than 50% of votes from the total number of votes of the owners of premises in the MKD voted for it (part 1 of article 136 ZhK RF).

In general, for residents, this is obviously a positive innovation, which should help reduce the number of falsifications and bribery on the part of employees of management companies.

Conscientious home managers will be able to calmly switch to long-term planning, which will definitely have the most positive impact on the quality of life and comfort of the owners.

Are there any risks for the owners?

But everything has two sides of the coin. If the process of choosing a management company changes from autumn, then some residential buildings will have a very difficult time. Some management companies are willing to go to any lengths to “stay afloat and stay at the helm”. Bribery, massive forgery of residents’ signatures, connections and other frauds are used. It will be even more difficult under the new conditions to hold a general meeting of tenants and choose a normal management company that can be entrusted with managing the house.

In addition, many enterprising tenants are constantly faced with the passivity and laziness of their neighbors who do not want to take part in managing the house. This also greatly complicates the process of changing the management company and not only.

It remains to be hoped that with the massive transition to online meetings, the results will be difficult to fake. And uninitiated citizens who do not want to attend general meetings of owners will find a couple of minutes and take part in the fate of the whole house.

Source: Power of Law

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