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Experts: what will change in the real estate industry from March 1, 2023

CrimeaPRESS reports:

From March 1, 2023, property owners, experts say Domclick, in Russia are waiting for important changes. We talk about them in this article.

Information in extracts from the USRN will no longer be public

From March 1, 2023, new rules for issuing extracts from the USRN come into effect. Information about the owner ceases to be public, and it will be possible to obtain it only with his consent. This is done to protect the personal information of a person.

The right to receive an extract in the previous format will only be able to:

  • the owner of the object or his representative, spouse
  • the owner of a real estate object located on a land plot — in relation to the owner of this plot (and vice versa)
  • real estate heir
  • real estate mortgagee
  • tenant (tenant) in relation to its lessor (landlord) and vice versa
  • adjacent land owner
  • cadastral engineer
  • authorities — if the extract is necessary for the provision of state and municipal services
  • notary
  • arbitration managers, courts, law enforcement agencies, bailiffs, prosecutors and agencies conducting operational-search activities
  • officials

The rest of the people will be able to obtain an extract with information about the owner of the housing only with his permission or through a notary. To disclose their data, the owner must submit an application to Rosreestr, but in this case they will be available to all interested parties.

To avoid cases of fraud, apartment owners will receive notifications that consent has been received from them — at the State Services, through a personal account on the Rosreestr website or by e-mail. If they didn’t give it, they can withdraw it.

Another change is that an extract from the USRN can be checked through a QR code.

The local administration will check the overhaul works

From March 1, 2023, a law comes into force, according to which the services of major repairs of an apartment building will not be paid by the regional operator until the acceptance certificate is signed by representatives of the local government. Or people authorized to act on behalf of the owners of the premises of the house, if the repair was carried out on the basis of a decision of the general meeting.

We are talking about cases where apartment owners have chosen to accumulate contributions to the general account of the Capital Repair Fund — a regional operator.

Now the work on overhaul is accepted by a commission from representatives of the fund, the contractor and the owners. Residents of the house choose such a person at a general meeting.

It is assumed that the innovation will solve the problem of delaying the approval of work, which led to litigation and fines for regional operators.

Methodological recommendations for overhaul will earn

In addition, from March 1, 2023, methodological recommendations for major repairs in apartment buildings, which are financed by the capital repairs fund, will come into force. This is, for example, the repair of roofs, facades, elevators, the foundation of a house. The authors of the recommendations developed a list of types of work and their criteria.

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Also, from March 1, the regional authorities will have the right to supplement the list of works and services for overhaul at their discretion.

«Lift Supervision» will return

From March 1, 2023, Rostechnadzor will begin monitoring the condition of elevators, wheelchair platforms, escalators and other technical equipment in residential buildings.

There has been no state control over elevators in Russia since July 2021; in some regions, work on replacing elevators is not included in the capital repair fund programs. The changes are expected to make lift maintenance inspections more regular and improve the safety of apartment building residents.

Residents will be paid for common house services according to a new formula

From March 1, 2023, residents of apartment buildings will pay utility bills for common house needs — light in the corridors, water for cleaning at the entrance, elevator operation — based on actual consumption.

Previously, all payments were limited by regulations. Now you will have to pay according to common house meters.

If there are no meters in the house, then the amounts will be calculated according to the changed standards. This can lead to the fact that residents of houses where meters for common house needs are not installed will have to pay more than usual.

Residents who do not live in the apartment will be able to not pay for garbage collection

From March 1, 2023, residents of apartment buildings will have the right not to pay for garbage collection if they have not lived in an apartment for more than 5 days.

To recalculate, you need to write an application to the management company and attach evidence of absence from the house, for example, air tickets, tour package, travel certificate. This must be done within 30 days of return.

The terms of procedures related to the provision of state lands will be reduced

On March 1, 2023, a law comes into force in Russia that reduces the time for preliminary approval and provision of land plots in state or municipal ownership from 30 to 20 days. In cases where the layout of the site on the cadastral plan of the territory needs to be agreed — from 45 to 35 days.

According to the government, this will speed up the implementation of new housing projects and make it easier for citizens to build private housing.

source: Domclick

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