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Farmer's Island opened in Simferopol

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The fifth farm island on the peninsula has opened in the Crimean capital.

This is already the 5th farmer’s island, which was opened in the Republic of Crimea with the support of the SME Corporation and the government of the Republic of Crimea. Within the framework of the project, the operator is SPOK Khan Alan Gardens, which unites more than 20 small agricultural producers. We all understand that «farm islands» is a good mechanism for the sale of high-quality and environmentally friendly agricultural products that are grown and produced by our farmers. The prices recommended by the Crimean Ministry of Industry for vegetables of the «borscht set» will be observed here. For example, potatoes, onions, carrots and other vegetables can be purchased at a price of no more than 35 rubles. There are plans to open such outlets on the South Coast— quotes the press service of the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Crimea Arsen Arziev.

The Deputy Minister also noted that the operation of such trade facilities allows reducing logistics costs per unit of production and at the same time increasing the sales volumes of Crimean farmers. Vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy products must be certified and not sold in federal retail chains. Potential suppliers can apply to participate in the Farmer’s Island project as a supplier through the SME Digital Platform SME.RF.

In the capital of Crimea, trading floors of the «Farmer’s Island» format are located at the following addresses: st. Sevastopolskaya 27, st. Kara-Deniz/Avdet 27 and st. Balaklavskaya, d. 75, st. Marshal Zhukov 21, st. Sevastopol / D. Ulyanova, 82A.

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