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Fatelogy is a new direction, which was opened by psychologist Elena Tsareva

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Modern psychology is constantly evolving and expanding its boundaries. Recently, fateology has become increasingly popular — a direction that was discovered by psychologist Elena Tsareva back in 2003.

Fatelogy is a unique approach to psychological help based on belief in fate and the laws of the universe. It helps people understand their life goals, goals and mission, as well as learn how to make the right decisions, go in the right direction and live a real life.

Fatelogy is based on the idea that the universe works according to certain laws, and that each person has his own destiny. Each person comes to this world with certain tasks and goals that he needs to achieve in his life. However, it is not always easy to understand your life tasks and understand what exactly you need to do in order to achieve success.

Fatelogy is a new direction, which was opened by psychologist Elena Tsareva

In the photo: psychologist Elena Tsareva

Fatelogy helps people find their own path and direction in life, understand what needs to be done in order to achieve the desired results. It also teaches you to accept life’s difficulties and trials as part of your destiny and learn how to learn from them lessons and experience.

The founder of fateology is the psychologist Elena Tsareva, who developed a unique method of helping people achieve their life goals. Elena is the author of 27 books and a certified psychologist originally from Krasnoyarsk. Her technique includes working with the subconscious, studying the laws of the universe and working with fate. According to her, for 20 years she has been collecting and analyzing various scientific and esoteric currents in order to bring out something truly unique and new. And only now the fruits of her work are of interest to a wide range of experts and buyers of information products.

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Fatelogy is a new and interesting trend in psychology that helps people find harmony and balance in life. Now Elena is working on the creation of the first school of fateologists in Russia, according to the creator of the direction, in the next few weeks the first recruitment for retraining for psychologists and people in helping professions will be held.

The fateologist and psychologist Elena Tsareva:

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