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February 3 — Maxim's day. We bake pies

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Maxim’s day or the day of St. Maxim is established in honor and in memory of the religious publicist, the famous figure of Russian education, writer and translator Maxim the Greek, who lived in the century. He earned fame by being an implacable fighter against injustice in Rus’. In particular, he zealously condemned the shortcomings of Russia’s domestic and foreign policy, criticized the way of life of part of the Russian clergy (“money-grubbers”), the system of support for local authorities, the “milking” of peasants, and especially usury in the church, the calculation of interest on interest, etc. Maximus the Greek was glorified in the guise of saints already in our time, in the 1988 year, but among the people they began to venerate him much earlier — from the beginning of the 17 century.

How did our ancestors celebrate Maxim’s Day? Bake pies! With a variety of fillings — meat, egg, mushroom, fish … Moreover, it was customary to treat them not only to relatives and friends, but also to those who were less fortunate in this life — the poor and the homeless. And also in Rus’ on February 3 they tried to make peace with those with whom they were in a quarrel.

By the way, it is believed that if Maxim the Greek is properly asked for protection, he will avert trouble and give hope for the future. Under the special patronage of the saint are orphans and destitute people.

As for the weather signs of this day, they are as follows:

  • On Maxim, the Moon is visible through the clouds — to a good harvest of wheat.
  • Clear skies on Maxim — there will be empty barns and wait for lingering cold weather.
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And the people also said:

  • If the planned meeting did not take place on Maxim, then this is good: God took away something bad.
  • On Maxim, February 3, if you do a good deed, then the good will definitely return.

Birthdays today: Maxim, Ilya, Eugene, Anna, Agnia, Anastasia.

If you have relatives-friends with such names, then prepare a pie for them as a gift! And if you want to immeasurably surprise, then build a dessert … from violets. Yes, yes … the flowers are so … delicate and beautiful. There is a reason to cook such a treat! February 3rd in distant Toulouse is marked by the grand Violet Festival.

Hundreds of participants from all over the world come to the festival every year. They share their experience in the cultivation and industrial use of these flowers in the production of perfumes, liquor and sweets.

You don’t know how to cook? Pies and gourmet desserts do not “shine” for your loved ones? Then just give them a small pot of violets — they will be pleased.

And more about food. In America, February 3rd is also celebrated as an «edible» date: National Carrot Cake Day!

So — you have something to do today. Get ready! Pies, desserts and cakes! And let your house be a full bowl!

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