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February 5 — Agafius-Polukhlebnik. Sunny day — it will be early spring

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Why Agathius-Polukhlebnik? Because our ancestors on February 5 came with an audit to their barns. Rechecked supplies. Particular attention was paid to grain. If required, then its stocks were replenished — in the days of February it was easier to do than to buy grain in the spring at exorbitant prices, when it became scarce. In addition, today the bins were being prepared for the arrival of a new crop — they were cleaned, washed, and repaired. At the same time, they said: “Agafiy does not unbend his back in the bins, he keeps count of the grain.”

But be that as it may, and even on a day dedicated to everyday affairs, the weather was “calculated” according to signs:

  • A lot of snow — there will be a lot of bread.
  • If frost hit Agafia and the sun shines, it will be hot in August.
  • Sunny day — it will be early spring.
  • If tits chirp loudly in the morning — expect frosts in the near future.
  • Severe frost — spring will come early.
  • The weather on the day of Agafia before lunch gives a forecast for the first half of next winter, after lunch — for the second.
  • Tits chirp under the window — to a strong winter cold.

Chicken pies were served at the dinner table at Agafia-Polukhlebnik. This treat symbolized family happiness.

Name days are celebrated today: Vladimir, Gennady, Evdokia, Ekaterina, Ivan, Joseph, Clement, Makar, Fedor.

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