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February 9 — Chrysostom day. We eat pizza!

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On Chrysostom Day, it was customary for the people to pray for an increase in intelligence, help in spiritual development, and for well-being in family relationships. People addressed prayers to John Chrysostom, a Greek priest who influenced the formation of Christianity and its development in Rus’. On February 9, the memory of this saint is venerated, who is also known as the protector of people in despair.

And on Chrysostom Day, it is customary to commemorate loved ones and cook the so-called ritual dishes: open pies with a variety of fillings.

As for the weather signs on February 9, there are few of them, but there are a lot of household ones:

  • The snow in the field lies in mounds — wait for a good harvest.
  • Low sky — most likely, cold will come.
  • Clouds move quickly in the direction of the wind — there will be no snow. If they move against the wind — to snowfalls.
  • A thaw does not guarantee the approach of spring — most likely, on the contrary, there will be frosts.
  • The windows in the house are foggy — wait for the cold.
  • A dazzling white moon — to the cold, reddish — to the wind.
  • Burn yourself, stumble and cutting yourself is a bad omen.
  • It is impossible to receive and give gifts on this day — this is in trouble.
  • the worst damage and slander.
  • Washing your hair on Chrysostom is a bad omen.

We’re still eating pizza today! Necessarily! Why? Because we are celebrating the birthday of this — one of the most popular — dishes in the world. How many «knocked»? And no one knows for sure, but obviously not a dozen years. The first pizzeria Antica Pizzeria Port`Alba was opened in Naples in 1830 — and it is still open!

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Who should definitely treat pizza? Of course, birthdays on February 9 — and these are Dmitry, Ivan and Peter!

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