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Financial guarantees for the mobilized. Questions and answers

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The material of the portal Explain.rf contains answers to questions about whether it is possible to volunteer if you have not served in the army, it is limited and have dependent minor children; how to confirm to the military registration and enlistment office that there is no one to leave a relative in need of care; whether the bank will charge a fee for servicing a bank card that the serviceman does not use during mobilization; can a mobilized person pay the principal debt on a mortgage during credit holidays.

Mobilization and volunteers.

The right to deferment from partial mobilization does not exclude the possibility of becoming a volunteer. As in the case of the mobilized, labor relations at the previous place of work are not terminated, but suspended.

If a citizen has a reservation from mobilization at work, but he goes to a volunteer detachment, should the employment contract with him be terminated or suspended?

An employment contract with a member of a volunteer detachment is suspended for the duration of his contract. The presence of a reservation of his position does not matter.

Can I volunteer if I have not served in the army, have limited military service, and have three minor children as dependents?

Citizens who have four dependent children under the age of years, in accordance with the law, have the right to deferment from the call for mobilization. Also, by decision of the Ministry of Defense, citizens who have three children under the age of years are now not called up for mobilization. However, if you wish, you can join a volunteer squad if you meet the criteria for volunteering.

I cannot serve for health reasons, even as a volunteer. How can I help SVO?

    You can contact volunteer organizations that help NWO participants and take part in their work. For example, your help may be requested at the #MYVMESTE volunteer headquarters that provide support to military families.

    Conditions of mobilization and the right to deferment.

    The right to deferment from mobilization must be declared to the military registration and enlistment office to request additional information.

    How can I confirm to the military registration and enlistment office that I have no one to leave a relative in need of constant care?

  • A citizen who is constantly taking care of a relative declares to the military registration and enlistment office that there are no other persons legally required to support this relative. The military registration and enlistment office checks this information in the order of interdepartmental information interaction. At the same time, a citizen must submit to the military registration and enlistment office:

      84 Caring for a grandfather or grandmother — certificates on the birth of the citizen’s parents.

      84 Caring for the adoptive parent — a court decision on adoption.

      84 A copy of the passport of the relative who needs care.

      80Your birth certificate.

    • Also, the military commissariat has the right to demand other documents confirming the absence of other persons obliged by law to support these citizens.

    Persons liable for military service can provide the military registration and enlistment office with birth certificates for minor children.

What documents do I need to submit to the military registration and enlistment office to confirm the presence of dependent children?

Dependency is the maintenance of a disabled person. The obligation to maintain their minor children in accordance with the Family Code of the Russian Federation is assigned to parents. The presence of dependent children whose paternity has been established is confirmed by birth certificates.

Mobilization as a priority.

Citizens with combat experience and the presence of a registered military specialty necessary to carry out the tasks of the NMD are subject to priority mobilization.

Does combat duty during military service count as combat experience?

No, combat duty does not count as combat experience.


The list of documents required by the mobilized person is on the State Services website. Additional checks are not required.

Is fingerprinting carried out by the mobilized?

No, fingerprinting is not carried out for those called up for mobilization.

A citizen of the Russian Federation lives abroad, has been removed from military registration in Russia. Can he come to the Russian Federation for a short trip, can he then leave the country?

Citizens removed from military registration are not subject to mobilization. Accordingly, after a short trip, you will be able to freely leave Russia. Travel agencies, air and rail carriers reimburse expenses for tickets and vouchers that were not used due to mobilization.

How to return the money for the tour if, due to partial mobilization, they were not released abroad, and the military registration and enlistment office does not provide information about this?

In case of refusal to cross the border by the border service, you should immediately be issued a document stating the reasons why you were restricted in the right to travel abroad. It is this document that must be presented to the travel company.

Money allowance and loans mobilized. The mobilized receive a number of benefits for servicing bank cards.

Will the bank debit the service fee for a bank card that a serviceman does not use during mobilization?

The collection of credit card service fees is suspended if the borrower has taken a credit holiday. During this time, the borrower may be suspended from issuing funds from a credit card, and since the service is not provided, the financial institution has no reason to charge a fee for it. A debit card service fee may be charged, depending on the terms of the agreement with a particular bank.

Is it true that mortgage interest during the grace period will remain unchanged, and other loans during the holidays accrue preferential interest, it will be 2 /3 of the average market value of the respective type of loan?

Yes, because of the holidays there is no increase in mortgage payments. All payments on such a loan are simply frozen for the duration of the loan holidays and resumed after they are completed. For other, non-mortgage loans, interest continues to accrue at a rate of 2/3 of the average market total cost of the loan as of the date of application for vacation, but not higher than that stipulated by the agreement.

Does the bank have the right to offer the borrower alternative vacations under its program? Can it be more profitable than the program provided by the law on credit holidays for the mobilized?

The bank does not have the right to refuse a borrower who is entitled to a credit holiday by law. Also, the bank can offer the client vacations according to its program. The borrower has the right to choose the most preferable option for him.

Can mobilized th pay off the principal on the mortgage during the credit holidays?

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