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Fires were put out 30 times in Crimea last week. Most are fires of dry vegetation

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations continue to eliminate fires of dry vegetation in the Crimea. Over the past week, employees of the GKU RK «Fire Protection of the Republic of Crimea» 30 times were involved in the elimination of fires, 80% of which were fires of dry vegetation. On March 11, at 17:58, a signal about a fire dry vegetation in Pervomaiskoye (Simferopol region).

A duty shift of 114 s was sent to the scene of the incident. Novoandreevka GKU RK «Fire protection of the Republic of Crimea»— reported in the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Crimea. — Upon arrival, firefighters found out that outside the settlement with. May Day burning dry grass. Firefighters promptly laid hose lines and began to extinguish the fire. Within 30 minutes, the fire was completely localized and eliminated.

The area of ​​fire was 700 square meters. When extinguishing the fire, firefighting backpacks «Ermak» were additionally used. There were no casualties. The reasons are being clarified.

The next day, at 22:20, the dispatcher on duty also received information about a dead wood fire in the village. Grishino (Pervomaisky district). There was also burning dry grass in the open area. Firefighters promptly laid hose lines and began to put out the fire. Within 1 hour 15 minutes, the fire was localized and eliminated. The fire area was 800 square meters.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations reminds: In order to prevent the aggravation of the situation with fires and prepare for the spring-summer fire hazard period, citizens and officials must observe the following fire safety rules:

  • when cleaning the territories, burning of garbage, making fires, burning of waste is not allowed within the limits established by the design standards for fire-prevention distances, but not closer than 50 m to buildings and structures.
  • not arrange landfills of combustible waste in the territories of settlements and organizations;
  • it is necessary to free fire breaks between buildings and structures, create conditions for the unhindered passage of fire trucks to residential buildings and fire reservoirs;
  • each residential building is recommended to install a container (barrel) with water or have a fire extinguisher;
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The Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Crimea strongly recommends that residents and guests of the peninsula strictly observe fire safety rules, be careful and not indifferent to the environment, and in case of emergency, immediately call: «112», «101».

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