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«Firework Lover» received four years in prison. Why did the court in Bakhchisarai decide so?

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In Bakhchisarai, a local resident was sentenced for stealing fireworks. A 22-year-old local resident was found guilty of committing crimes under paragraph «d» part 3 of Art. 158 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (theft committed from a bank account, causing significant damage to a citizen) and paragraph “c” of Part 2 of Art. 158 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (theft, causing significant damage to a citizen).

The court found that in May last year, at night, the defendant, breaking the door of a store in the market in Bakhchisarai, entered the premises, from where he secretly stole 4 thousand rubles, as well as fireworks and firecrackers in the amount of more than 50 thousand rubles. In addition, in September last year, at the station of the Bakhchisarai railway station, he found a bank card with which he paid, making purchases totaling more than 12,000 rubles.— said the prosecutor’s office.

The court, taking into account the position of the prosecutor, sentenced the «lover of fireworks» (and other people’s money) to 4 years in prison to be served in a general regime correctional colony. The verdict has not entered into force.

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