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Five destinations in Russia where you can warm up during the New Year holidays. In Crimea — of course!

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The New Year is already very close. And along with it, nine days of rest — from 13 December to January 8. Now in many regions of Russia a real winter reigns with low sub-zero temperatures. But not everywhere on New Year’s holidays will be cold. Travel service Tutu tells you where you can warm up and what to do in warm places.

Black Sea coast of Crimea

  • Yalta +9°…+13°
  • Alushta +9°…+11°
    Sevastopol +9°…+°
  • Feodosia +9°…+°

Throughout the holidays, most Crimean resorts located on the Black Sea coast will experience high temperatures — from 9 degrees Celsius and above. Moreover, sunny weather will set in over the republic.

It will be problematic to swim in the sea, because the average water temperature in this area in January does not exceed degrees of heat. But you can take a walk around the local cities, go to the Nikitsky Botanical Garden, Vorontsovsky, Livadia and Yusupov Palaces, go on an excursion to the Novy Svet House of Champagne Wines or just enjoy the winter sunsets over the sea.

Republic of Dagestan

  • Makhachkala +5°…+31°
  • Derbent +5°…+°

On the flat part of Dagestan, temperatures are expected in the region of 8- degrees of heat and in generally dry weather. You can fly to Makhachkala, the regional capital, and then go to one of the oldest cities in Russia — Derbent.

In Derbent, it is worth visiting the ancient Naryn-kala fortress, which began to be built as early as the 6th century AD. The fortress is surrounded by the old town, another iconic local attraction. In addition, in Derbent we recommend visiting the Caspian Sea embankment and the Derbent Dzhuma Mosque. A little away from the city is the only surviving missile ship-ekranoplan «Lun».

“Why is it worth visiting Dagestan? The beauty and diversity of nature, authentic life, completely different from life in central Russia, and also transport accessibility, ”says well-known travel blogger Andrey Kirnov about his trip to Dagestan as part of the project Tutu media intelligence.

Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Territory

  • Sochi +7°…+°
  • Gelendzhik +7°…+11 °
  • Anapa +9°…+°
  • It is warmest in winter in the Krasnodar Territory — on the Black Sea coast. In this region, the entire holiday can be divided into two large parts. The first option is to go to ski resorts, but it’s not warm at all and very expensive (high season). The second option is to spend time near the sea with big discounts on accommodation.

    Most hotels and resorts are open all year round. For example, Anapa, which is one of the leading children’s resorts, is open to receiving young guests (a large number of children’s sanatoriums operate in winter). In addition, in January you can go to the Dolphinarium in Gelendzhik or to hockey in Sochi. And it is also in winter that the freshest mussels and fish are definitely available. Continuing the theme of gastro-tourism, you can go on a tour to local wineries.

    Caucasian Mineral Waters

    • Kislovodsk +3°…+13°
    • Mineral waters +4°…+14°
    • Pyatigorsk +3°…+15°

    Resorts of the Caucasian mineral waters are primarily about unhurried and wellness holidays in local sanatoriums, boarding houses and hospitals. All kinds of procedures are available at any time of the year, as well as walks along the health paths. At the same time, in Kislovodsk, Mineralnye Vody and Pyatigorsk in January it rarely snows for a long time. The temperature is usually above zero.

    Chechen Republic

    • Grozny +5°…+12°

    Another option to be on New Year’s holidays in fairly warm and snowless regions in Russia is to go to the capital of the Chechen Republic. In Grozny, you can go to the “Heart of Chechnya” mosque, climb the roof of “Grozny City”, which offers a view of the whole city and nearby mountains, go to the museum of the Chechen Republic and the national library. But it will be cold in the mountains with sub-zero temperatures. You can go there one day and return to Grozny in the warmth.

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