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Folk signs of May — weather and household

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Folk omens of May. It is noteworthy that in our enlightened age, people are increasingly turning to folk wisdom, signs, and planning for help Everyday life. Tested by many centuries and generations, predictions certainly carry a huge layer of knowledge based on careful observations of the world around us. With this article, we open a series of publications about the storehouse of folk wisdom — signs and superstitions. For convenience in finding the material you need, use the Table of Contents.

May 1 — Today Kuzma is a gardener, Walpurgis Night

On May 1, Kozma prayed for a rich harvest. They say that if this day was warm, the second half of May was cold: “To plow on Kuzma in a shirt — to sow in a fur coat.” And the first May thunderstorm, according to legend, brought prosperity. Therefore, when they heard thunder peals, the youth hurried out into the street to catch their luck, and the old people, no longer chasing happiness, only crossed themselves and said: “Send, Lord, still water and warm dew.”

May 1: signs of the day

    Народные приметы май The cuckoo cuckoos — warm days are coming. приметы май Народные приметы май If the day is hot, then the second half of the month will be cold. If May 1 is cool, then the last spring month promises to be warm and cozy.

    Народные приметы май Bloomed mountain ash — the heat will be persistent. Народные приметы май Leaves appeared on the bird cherry — it’s time to plant potatoes.

    Народные приметы май Rain — for a good harvest of rye.

    Dreams with 21 April on May 1 bring prosperity. Will be fulfilled for those who were born on this day. A dream seen on the afternoon of May 1 predicts events in the near future.

    Народные приметы на 5 мая

    May 2 — Day of Ivan the Ancient Cave

    Народные приметы на 5 мая It was a common tradition to bake pies with fillings on May 2 — this promised a rich harvest. Peasants often took canvases into the field on that day, bowed to all parts of the world , and then, turning to the East, they said: “Here you are, Mother Spring, a new novelty.” Then they spread the canvas on the meadow, laid out the baked pie on it, after which they returned home. It was believed that Spring would dress in new clothes, enjoy treats, and this would make it possible to get a wonderful harvest of hemp and flax.

    May 2: signs and beliefs
    • If it rains, then June will be warm and sunny.
    • Народные приметы майWarm weather this the day promises a cold snap at the end of the month.

      Народные приметы май The birch blossomed before the maple — by a dry summer.

      Народные приметы майWild ducks build nests near water — summer can be dry.

      Народные приметы майIf swallows, cranes and larks have arrived by this day, then a cold snap is not expected.

      Народные приметы на 5 мая A dream from May 1 to May 2 can be fulfilled within 7- days.

      Народные приметы на 5 мая

      May 3 — Hail of the Ancestors

      Народные приметы на 5 мая On May 3, dead relatives are often called. Folk signs of May believe that in order not to upset loved ones, even the most petty quarrels should not be started, it is necessary to show the deceased that only peace and harmony are present in the family so that their souls are calm. No one had fun on this day, did not arrange parties, because those who are negligent in the commemoration of the dead will soon face a black streak, from which it will be very difficult to get out.

      Folk omens on March 3:

      Theodore’s Day, Fedor Nevodnik Vlasyanichnik

    • Lightning flashed after rain without thunder — to clear weather
    • Народные приметы май The appearance of a double or a triple rainbow indicates an improvement in the weather that day, but promises heavy rains soon

      Народные приметы май If the nightingale sang on bare trees, then crop failure on fruit trees

      Народные приметы май Daisy flowers leaned low, almost to the earth itself — to the imminent bad weather

      Народные приметы май Primrose yellow flowers appeared — to imminent warmth приметы май Народные приметы май The layer is dry — there will be no harvest

    A lot of spruce cones — uro bread it’s going well, they’ll know about the rye harvest by the pine

    Народные приметы май What will start to grow next: grass or rye — then the harvest is rich and will bring

    Народные приметы май They usually didn’t plan any important things, didn’t arrange christenings and weddings

    Народные приметы май In the old days, May 3 had a certain meaning for fishermen, since on this day it was strictly forbidden cast nets and catch fish that are currently spawning.

    Народные приметы на 5 мая

    May 4 — Proklov day. Evil is waking up

In order to appease the forest spirits, at the beginning of spring it was customary to go to the forest and leave a basket of treats in the clearing. On Proklov’s day in Russia, people tried to resist evil spirits and sent curses to her, intending to drive her back into the forest holes. In the old days, people also believed that on the night of May 4, witches turn grass into poison, so they tried to expel evil spirits from gardens and fields so that livestock would not suffer.

May 4: signs and beliefs

  • Bird cherry bloomed early — for a warm and fine summer. The sooner the tree blooms, the hotter the summer will be.
  • Народные приметы май , then the wheat will be born well.

    Народные приметы май It is raining from high clouds — the earth will be well saturated with moisture .

    Народные приметы май Poplar fluff has appeared — it’s time to plant cucumbers.

    Народные приметы на 5 мая The stars twinkle strongly, and in the morning the clouds appeared — at noon there will be a thunderstorm.

    Народные приметы на 5 мая A lot of sorrel — the winter will be warm and snowy.

    There is a lot of color on the bird cherry — for a wet summer.

  • The birch was pubescent before the maple — by the dry summer. If the maple is downy before the birch, then it will often rain in summer. sang — to a crop failure.
  • Народные приметы май The day is favorable for searching for missing people and things. приметы май Народные приметы май Dreams from May 3 to 4 warn of something. приметы май Народные приметы на 5 мая

    May 5th — Luke’s Day. Onion Day

    Народные приметы на 5 мая In the old days, it was believed that onions fill the body with energy, give a person courage and strength. Therefore, it was often added to dishes by a warrior. Folk signs of May believe that the specific smell of onions drives away ailments, evil spirits and protects against them. During the epidemic, tight bundles of onions were hung in every house.

    Folk signs for May 5

      Народные приметы май The moon rises early in the sky on the night of May 5 — there will be early frosts, and according to signs, it is best to sow early onion sets

    With the waning moon with crops, it is better to wait

    Народные приметы май You should not go into the forest alone on this day, since the evil spirits on May 5 lead diabolical round dances and can take them away

    Народные приметы май If the cuckoo is a day Luke calls loudly and for a long time — the weather will be good in the coming days

    Народные приметы май Thunderstorm on this day — there will be a rich harvest Frosts are observed — more 27 morning frost fields will be damaged.

    Народные приметы на 5 мая

    May 6 — St. George’s Day, Egory Veshny

In ancient times, peasants began to make trade transactions and, according to the old custom, were hired as workers “from spring Yuri to Semyon day or Pokrov «. Why, you ask, did you choose this particular time period? But the fact is that there was a legend among the people that there are people in Lukomorye who die on December 9, and come to life on May 6. Before they die, they take their goods to a certain place, where in winter the neighbors could take them for a certain price and without any deceit.

Signs and superstitions on the 6th of May:

  • Purple-red evening dawn — to bad weather
  • Народные приметы май When on Yurya dew — horses do not need oats

    Народные приметы май On Yurya snow (groats) — harvest for buckwheat; it’s raining on Yurya — buckwheat is not native

  • Heavy rain on Yegory — grass will grow a lot
  • Народные приметы майMosquitoes flock together — wait for warming in the near futureприметы май Народные приметы май During a thunderstorm, the thunder will soon stop — the weather will improve

Birds build their nests on the sunny side — by the cold summer

  • A healthy person has an unreasonably depressed mood — to rain
  • Народные приметы май clouds appeared in the sky, shaped like lenses or elongated lentil seeds — in 1–1.5 hours a thunderstorm will begin

  • If today it is frosty, and it will happen again in a week, it means that autumn will be warm
    • It started to rain — it will be an easy year for livestock
    • Snow — wait for a good harvest of buckwheat
    • Народные приметы май The cuckoo cuckooed until May 6 — to crop failure and loss of livestock

    • Today’s dew promised a good harvest of millet
    • Народные приметы майA clear morning indicates early sowing , clear evening — about the late

      Народные приметы май The birch leaf has half blossomed — wait for the grain harvest for the Dormition

      Народные приметы май If the snow has not yet left the fields, there will be a crop failure

      Народные приметы на 5 мая The frost that day guaranteed a rich harvest of oats, millet and buckwheat

    Yegoriy is warm — from day to day, wait for summer

  • You can’t knit anything on Egory’s day and even just hold wool products in your hands
  • You can’t scream and swear on this day — it can kill you with a thunderstorm.

    May 7 — Evseev’s day, Evsei. Stratilate

    7 мая: приметы и поверья We observed nature and analyzed various phenomena. And a lot of interesting things happened around, because it was during this period that maples, poplars, birches bloomed. The ancient Slavs glorified the Mother of all gods — Maya Goldilocks. In her honor, a sacred fire was lit, symbolizing the departure of winter, the return of summer days and the rotation of the Solstice. Folk signs of May say that rites of «plowing» were carried out, which contributed to health and attracted good luck.

    May 7: signs and beliefs

    • Kol the birch has blossomed or winged ants appeared, then it’s time to sow oats.
    • Народные приметы май If fluff flies from the vine and willow , then it’s time to sow late oats.

      Народные приметы май A lot of mosquitoes on this day is a good sign. The harvest of oats will be rich.

      Народные приметы май

    If the dawn is yellow in the evening, then do not expect rain.

    Народные приметы май Black or white corollas around the stars — to the rain. приметы май

    The rays of the sun are darkening — to a thunderstorm.

  • Low clouds hung over the horizon, the edges of which have a clear outline — to a strong thunderstorm and gusty wind.
  • A strong ovary of nuts, large buds on aspen, a crop of morels — to the harvest of millet.

    Unlucky day.

    Народные приметы май Dreams from 6 to 7 May will not come true soon. You can’t tell anyone about them.

    Народные приметы на 5 мая

    May 8 — Mark’s day. Watching birds

    приметы 12 мая To bring peace and success to the house, women on this day make a special decoction of nettles. With this decoction, you need to wash the floors and windows, doors and all wooden surfaces in the house. Nettle cleanses the home of negative energy, drives away any evil and brings success and prosperity.

    As for the weather signs for this day on May 8:

    • The cuckoo calls on this day — there will be no more frosts.
    • Народные приметы май Good weather and sun? To a plentiful harvest of spring crops.

      Народные приметы май A warm evening and a starry sky — to a plentiful harvest.

      Народные приметы май Clear weather — the summer will be hot.

      Народные приметы на 5 маяHigh rainbow in the sky? For warm and clear weather. A low rainbow is a bad sign, portending great misfortune.

      Народные приметы май Three heavy rains in May — bread a lot will be born.

      Народные приметы май Birds appeared in the garden and garden — to a good harvest on trees and beds .

      Народные приметы майCold and frequent rains — don’t expect honey.

      Народные приметы май The birds sang on May 8 during the rain — soon the end of bad weather.

      Народные приметы майThe greener the rainbow, the stronger the precipitation will be

    • Cumulus clouds in the morning, and stratus clouds are visible in the evening — a thunderstorm will begin soon.

    Birds fly to the hemp plant — there will be a rich hemp harvest.

    May 9 — Day of the Glafira-pea, Stepan the equal-plowed man

    приметы 12 мая When peas were planted on May 9, they tried to do everything to protect them from morning frosts, which are still continued. Folk signs of May suggest that one means was used for this — chopped peat. As soon as shoots appeared on the bed, a thick layer of peat crumbs was immediately sprinkled. Under it, the peas continued to grow and unfold their leaves, but at the same time they did not experience the cold. And only later, when the seedlings were definitely getting stronger, the morning frosts no longer harmed them.

    As for the weather signs on May 9, then:

    • Day clear, and there is a lot of dew — to a rich harvest of cucumbers.
    • Народные приметы на 5 мая croaking — to the rain. If he “speaks” often and loudly — to good weather.

      Народные приметы май Fresh morning wind in the course of the day intensifies, and by the evening, on the contrary, it weakens — the weather will be clear and stable.

    Do the clouds not see the tops? In the next half hour, a strong thunderstorm will surely begin.

    Народные приметы май The frost on this day promises repeated frosts in a week .

    Народные приметы на 5 мая

    May — Semyon-Ranopashets. Beware of evil spirits

    приметы 12 мая It was believed that May all kinds of creatures shake off their sleep, get out into the light of day, reach for a person’s dwelling, for a barn. Therefore, the peasants returned from the fields “heels back”, that is, they backed away so that they would not bring evil spirits with them. According to popular belief, unclean forces took on the form of a bird, then an animal, and sometimes even a human. And pitiful at the feet of people appeared. “If you warm the bird, it will be too late,” our ancestors said about this. A warmed and well-fed evil spirit could mock a person.

    Weather signs May are:

    • Thunder rumbled d about May, the larks began to sing, the forest was dressed in foliage, and the frogs began to croak in the swamps? It’s time to plow the field and the harvest will be rich.
    • Народные приметы май Do clouds run quickly across the sky? To prolonged bad weather.

      Народные приметы май Heavy rain May? To a good harvest of rye.

      Народные приметы май The birch leaves are fully unfolded — it’s time to plant potatoes. приметы май Народные приметы май Is the grass dry in the morning? In the evening it is necessary to wait for rain.

    • If in the evening May fog appeared in the lowlands, then the bad weather will end, and warming will come.
    • It is clear in the morning, but at noon cumulus clouds appeared in the sky and disappeared by evening? Frosts are possible in the near future.
    • Народные приметы на 5 мая

      May is Jason’s Day. Maksimov day

      приметы 16 мая In Russia, this day was dedicated to the wonderful gift of nature — birch sap. Folk signs of May believe that this he, on this day, was considered magical, imbued with great power to restore and heal the human body. Also very often May prepared drugs from the leaves of plantain, coltsfoot and nettle. This was most often done by healers who stocked up drugs for the coming months, and then used them to treat the sick.

      Weather signs May are:

      Clear sunrise, not a cloud in the sky? Summer will be sunny.

      Народные приметы майOn the night of Is May night warm and starry? To a plentiful harvest.

      Народные приметы май The south wind is blowing — there will be many thunderstorms in summer.

    Was there a downpour and the temperature dropped before it ended? In the coming days, the weather will improve.

    Народные приметы май Dandelions have just bloomed — the summer will be dry. Народные приметы май The stars twinkle strongly at dawn — soon it will rain.

    Народные приметы на 5 мая Butterflies hid in sheds and houses — it will be windy and cold.

    Народные приметы на 5 мая

    May — Day of the Nine Martyrs. Day of Healers and Healings

    приметы 12 мая It was said that today all conspiracies work most effectively. In particular, they treated people affected by fevers. According to popular beliefs, nine martyrs help with bodily diseases and epidemics. Therefore, their day itself was considered the day of healers. May was supposed to pronounce a special conspiracy from nine misfortunes. There was also such a custom: it was necessary to go out on the road at noon and turn your face to the warm wind. After that, health should have been added for a whole year.

    As for weather signs May :

    Spring is characterized by unstable weather and a constant change in temperature, which increases the incidence of colds, as well as an increased risk of catching spring fever. Folk signs of May believe that for prevention, the ancestors prayed to the martyrs from Cyzicus. This is due to the fact that at the place of their burial there were many cases of unusual healings that defy explanation.

    It was believed that if you exit at hours of the day outside and stand against the wind, letting it blow in your face, you can stock up on health for a whole year.

    Народные приметы май The sunrise is bright and clear — the summer will be warm.

    Народные приметы на 5 маяStarry sky at night May — to a rich harvest .

    Народные приметы майThe ants are moving to a dry place today — it will rain soon.

    Народные приметы май A lot of May beetles — wait for the drought.

    Народные приметы май Oriole’s cry resembles a cat’s cry — soon it will rain.

    The birch spread its leaves before the alder — there will be drought in summer, and vice versa.

    Lightning before the rain May — precipitation will go on for a long time.

    May — Day of Jacob the Warm

    приметы 14 маяна 19 мая In Russia, the ancestors believed that on the Day of Jacob the Warm, fever begins to progress. In order not to get sick, people in May they were doused with warm water, which had been harvested since March. It is also interesting that wanderers washed themselves with this water so that they would not encounter troubles during their further journey.

    Folk signs for today May:

      A lot of sap flows from a birch — in summer we will have a lot of rain.

    • At night May there are a lot of stars, and a warm wind blows from the south? Summer will be productive and very warm.
    • Народные приметы май There is no wind at night, and there are many stars in the sky — Expect drought during the summer.

      Народные приметы майClear sunrise May — a fruitful summer.

      Народные приметы май Sun closed in the East by clouds — it will be rainy haymaking.

      Народные приметы май Warm and rainy weather — to a good harvest bread.

    The south wind blows — to a fertile and warm summer.

    Народные приметы майA quiet and warm wind promises a fertile summer.приметы май

    No Stars 01 May — to the rain.

    Народные приметы май There are clouds, the sky is frowning, but the dandelions have remained open? It will not rain.

    Народные приметы на 5 мая

    May — Day of Yeremey the harness

    Народные приметы на 9 маяприметы 14 маяUsually May gooseberries bloomed, swifts flew in, which were met with special joy and treated to bread crumbs, hemp seeds. Of course, all these names were not accidental: indeed, a large number of sowing works were carried out on Yeremey, the weather was warm, and they said that summer was already very close. They remembered spring and met it, calling this day a summer. They said that May even the laziest plow goes into the field. приметы 11 мая

    Concerning weather signs May:

    • Cloudy weather on this day — winter will come early and will be very frosty.

    Clear weather — to a good harvest.

    Mosquitoes appeared on Yeremey — it’s time to go into the field and sow rye.

  • There is bad weather — to a harsh winter.
  • Народные приметы май Evening dew — to a clear day.

    Народные приметы на 5 мая

    Folk signs of May believe that, according to accepted customs, the most difficult and exhausting work began right now, which was very important for farmers. It is not surprising that during this period the people especially asked for God’s help and protection from negative natural phenomena that could prevent them from getting a rich harvest.

    Народные приметы на 9 мая

    May — Nightingale holiday

    приметы на 21 мая The people believed that the nightingales now begin their songs, and the one who whoever hears a bird’s trill in the morning will be happy for a whole year. Also to Ash and pansies bloomed in May. On this day, cucumbers and pumpkins were sown. In order for the vegetables to bear fruit, a finger was buried in the ground before sowing. They also prayed, but in the process of landing, on the contrary, they were silent.

    As for weather signs May, then:

      Does the Nightingale sing loudly all day? Seeing off the spring, and it’s time to meet the summer.

      Народные приметы май Clear sunset on the day of Boris and Gleb — summer will also be clear and without precipitation.

      Народные приметы май Warm day — there will be dark bread. приметы май

    The Nightingale always stops singing before bad weather.

  • Warm day 10 May — to a poor harvest of bread.
  • Народные приметы май If the bird cherry blossomed and the nightingales sang, then we can expect a two-week cold snap.

    Народные приметы на 5 мая The bird sings on bare trees — a sign that there will be a crop failure in the garden. приметы май Народные приметы май The water has subsided, and nightingale trills are heard — it’s time to start sowing.

    Народные приметы на 5 мая

    05 May — Day of the Martyrs s Moors. Nursery, thrush

    приметы 16 мая This period of May is famous for the flowering of bird cherry. They said that «cherry cold» is coming. And they collected nettles. It was believed that she now has healing powers. Shchi was cooked from it, various dishes and potions were prepared. Folk signs of May believe that they also whipped each other with nettles in order to be protected from diseases all year round.

    As for weather signs May :

    Did the oak spread its leaves before the ash tree? To the dry summer.

    Народные приметы май The nightingales sang until May? Soon everything around will bloom.

    Народные приметы май Big dew — to a good harvest of cucumbers.

    Bird cherry blossoms, and warm weather has settled — at the time of sowing it will also be warm.

    Народные приметы на 5 мая The earlier the bird cherry blossoms, the warmer or hotter the summer will be, and the autumn will also be warm.

    Lush blossoms on bird cherry — the summer will be rainy.

    Do geese and ducks raise their wings and wave them? Wait for the storm.

    Народные приметы на 5 мая

    May — Baklushnikov Day. We fence the garden

    на 19 мая On this day they conducted the rite of fencing the garden from the «envious forces» . Before planting seedlings of cucumbers and cabbage on the beds, measures were taken to ensure the magical protection of plants from the evil, envious eye. For this, they used old worn shoes. According to legend, it is the most reliable amulet for plants and living beings. Such a legend, as well as the customs and rituals associated with it, were popular not only in Russia, but also in many European countries, and also in India. This is explained by the convergence of old shoes with the world of deceased ancestors — the patrons of the hearth, family, clan.

    As for weather signs May:
    • There are a lot of May beetles — to drought.
    • Viburnum has bloomed — you can sow cucumbers, pumpkins, beans, corn on the beds.

    No dew in the morning May — the weather will change.

  • Earrings appeared on flowering maples — you can plant beets.
  • Does the cuckoo crow? The weather will be good.

    Народные приметы май Frequent and heavy rain — to a rich harvest.

    If sparrows rush across the sky in flocks and do not find a place for themselves — to the wind.

    Народные приметы май Pale sun — bad weather will last a long time.

    Народные приметы майThorns are blooming — the second half of May will be cold.

    13 May — Day of Arina the nursery. Arina Kapustnitsa

    приметы на 21 мая By tradition, on this day, the peasants prayed to Saint Irina about to look after the seedlings. It was believed that it was this saint who protects young seedlings from disease and rot. To please this saint, loaves were brought to the church with a special decoration in the form of the Latin letter “I” on the crust. On this day, they noticed whether the season would be successful in terms of fishing. Folk signs of May believe that if by this day the rivers returned to the banks, then wait for successful fishing in the summer, and if not yet, then the summer will be rainy, and the rivers will often overflow the banks.

    As for the signs on 10 May, then:

    On Arina Kapustnitsa, the peasants were engaged in burning old dry grass. This helped to get rid of weeds before planting later horticultural crops. It was also believed that the ashes from scorched grass served as a kind of protection against fungal diseases. However, sometimes, with the wrong approach, burning caused harm — fires.

      Народные приметы май The birds stopped chirping — to thunderstorms and rain.

      Народные приметы май Seedlings absorb a lot of water — to dry mowing. If, on the contrary, the soil does not absorb water, then there will be a lot of rain in the summer.

      Народные приметы май Bad weather on this day — to the harvest of bread.

      Народные приметы май Goose 01 May preen in a dry place — to the cold. If he cleans his feathers in the water, it will be warm.

      Народные приметы майDoes it rain intermittently? To the deterioration of the weather.

      Народные приметы май Large clouds are moving from South to North — it will rain soon .

      Народные приметы майDoes the cat eat grass? It will rain soon.

      Народные приметы на 5 мая

      05 May — Day of Job the pea. The dew is blooming

      приметы на 21 мая of May, from the very morning, adults and children walked barefoot in the dew. It was believed that on this day she had miraculous powers. The kids were even allowed to tumble in the grass. So they will “take in” more health and strength. Dew was considered very useful for garden plants. On this occasion, they said: «Job dismissed the dew.» Healers also collected dew. They soaked it with a towel, squeezed it into a vessel and stored it. Then, during the year, they resorted to healing moisture in the manufacture of medicines for patients.

      Weather signs on 15 May are:

      The night is warm on Job — there will be a lot of cucumbers, but if it is cold — to a crop failure.

      Народные приметы май Big dew and clear weather 12 May — cucumbers will be born.

      Народные приметы майNo dew in the morning? To a change in the weather.

      Народные приметы май Earrings are visible on the maples — you can sow beets.

    If the juice drips from a broken branch — to clear weather. приметы май Народные приметы май Wasps have chosen open places for building nests — the summer will be damp. приметы май

    Fog at dawn — no precipitation.

    Engaged in Job and sowing work. They did this after sunset so that the birds would not see and peck at the seeds. Folk signs of May believe that the process was accompanied by conspiracies for a bountiful harvest, protection from evil spirits and a bad eye. According to popular belief, it was better for women to do all garden work on this day — then there will be more harvest.

    11 May — Bathing suit and the day of Ivan Brazhnik

    народные приметы на 24 мая There was a custom: in the early morning 10 May they put buckets of well water in the sun, and poured it over during the day. That is why the day was also called Kupalnitsa.

    Continued 01 May sowing work. Pay attention to the «origin» of seedlings and seeds. It was said that stolen and foreign (imported) seeds would yield better. Therefore, the hosts that day went to visit each other and slowly tried to take some seeds. Since everyone did this, no one was at a loss.

    01 May — as for signs, then :
    • Rainy day — September will be warm.
    • Народные приметы майGood weather 10 May — you need to go to sowing work in order to reap a rich harvest.

    • At the month, the horns look down — to warm weather.
    • Народные приметы май Is the moon red? It will rain soon.

      Народные приметы майAt sunset 10 in May, the sun is colored red, and its dimensions are larger than usual — the weather will deteriorate soon.

    • Multi-colored rays at sunrise — the weather will change for the worse.

    There is a lot of nectar and bees on the acacia in the morning — it will rain in the afternoon, and a thunderstorm may begin in the near future.

    There is a warning that it is important not to waste your strength and health in the Bathhouse. Folk signs of May believe that early in the morning it is customary to go to the river, collect full buckets of water, leave them in the sun, and when the water warms up, pour it over.

    11 May — Day of Ivan the Theologian. We sow wheat

    According to the old Slavic traditions, treats were brought to the wheat field in the form of a baked loaf of wheat flour. They asked the field to try and give as much grain as possible, so that both prosperity and taxes were paid. It was not customary to give this loaf, but handed it after the ceremony to the first beggar met on the way.

    10 in May, they noticed that if a lot of birds arrive for sowing, then this is a bad sign. It was believed that all the wheat would go to pay taxes. If the lark soars high in the sky and sings its songs, then the harvest will be generous, and the summer will be plentiful in both heat and rain.

    As for weather signs:
    • Nice and clear day — there will be few mushrooms. And, on the contrary, rain during the day — to a good «harvest» of mushrooms.
    • Народные приметы май Bird cherry blooms profusely — there will be a wet summer.

      Народные приметы май The moon is covered with haze — the weather will worsen soon.

    Have the oak leaves blossomed? You can sow heat-loving crops, since the soil is already warming up well.

    Народные приметы майThe sky turned red in the evening ? The weather will be fine in the coming days. If the sky is red in the morning — to rain.

    Народные приметы май Clouds 11 may float upwards — there will be a clear day, and vice versa.

    Народные приметы май Clouds in one bunch stray — to bad weather.

    Народные приметы на 5 мая Wealthy hosts baked the so-called votive pies on this day and treated them to poor neighbors, as well as travelers and beggars. The old people went out onto the road especially for this and prayed to God to send them a kind person with whom they could share a piece of bread. Folk signs of May believe that if some poor man or other wanderer passed along the road at that time, this was considered a good sign and foreshadowed a rich harvest in the future.

    12 May — Day of Nikola Veshny, Warm

    Народные приметы 26 мая It was customary to present to Nikolai Eggs pleaser, painted red, yellow, greenish, or scrambled eggs. In order to avoid drought and hail in the summer, it was customary for the Eastern and Southern Slavs to arrange religious processions in the fields and prayers at the wells, accompanied by petitions for rain, on St. Nicholas Day. It was customary for horsemen and livestock owners in general to perform various protective rituals on Nikolin’s day to protect animals from predators and other troubles.

    The signs for the day are as follows :
    • Is the morning foggy and humid? In order to add health and not get sick for a whole year, you need to wash yourself with fresh dew.
    • Народные приметы май Frogs croak loudly on Nikola — to a good harvest of oats.

      Народные приметы май Alder blossomed — buckwheat needs to be sown 12 May.

      Народные приметы май It rains all day — to a cold and rainy summer .

      Народные приметы майAccording to folk signs on 12 May needed exactly on this day, plant potatoes so that they grow large and tasty.

      Народные приметы на 5 мая Folk signs say that if alder blossomed on Nikola Veshny, then buckwheat can be sown. And if you can clearly hear the frogs croaking in the swamps, then oats will be born.

      12 May is the Day of Simon the Zealot. Treasure hunt day

      Народные приметы 26 мая It was believed that work in this day of big sin. Healers and sorceresses at this time collect medicinal herbs in the forest in order to prepare useful potions from them. It is believed that it is today that herbs receive magical powers. Usually medicinal herbs 14 May was collected alone. Plants were found, and then, before picking it, they uttered special conspiracies on their knees. And during the entire collection of herbs, they always read «Our Father» and «Theotokos».


      Народные приметы май It’s raining — to a rainy summer.

      Народные приметы май Birch catkins burst — it’s time to sow bread.

      Народные приметы на 5 мая In the morning the bees fly fast — the day will be sunny.

      Народные приметы на 5 маяThe wind blows during the rain I — to good weather.

      Народные приметы май By evening, cumulus clouds do not disappear — to improve the weather.

      Народные приметы май The mole scatters the earth around the hole — it will rain.

      Народные приметы на 5 мая Before dawn, bird songs are heard — by the rain.

      Народные приметы на 5 мая

    Simon the Zealot was considered the patron saint of the people herbs and believed that it was by his will that various types of herbs grow on Earth. They also prayed to him 14 May about the search for treasures. Folk signs of May believe that to conjure treasures so that they do not go to a stranger, they could, with the help of special conspiracies, on the contrary, bequeath the treasure to a specific person, leaving him instructions on where to look for buried treasures. Народные приметы на 9 мая

    Приметы и суеверия на 6 мая

    13 May — Mokiy Wet Day. God of Thunder

    Народные приметы 26 мая Our ancestors said that the holiday of the Tsar-grad is coming — the god of thunder. They believed that from the sky he throws stones — hail. In addition, with 19 May connected the awakening of the mermaids.

    The peasants, on the other hand, said that the holiday of the Tsar-grad, the god of thunder, was coming. They believed that from the sky he throws stones — hail. Also, happy day 15 May connected the awakening of the mermaids. Forget-me-not bloomed — a flower that allowed us to preserve the memory of the ancestors and defenders of the Motherland — it was endowed with just such a symbolic meaning. On Mokeya, it was customary to remember all the people who died and left behind a good memory.

    Signs 17 May are:

    High and covered rainbow — to the wind. If the rainbow is flat and low — to bad weather.

    Народные приметы на 5 мая

    The peasants now avoided work, because there was a sign that otherwise the hail would beat all the crops — God would punish for disobedience.

    20 May — Ryabinovka. Epifan’s Day

    In this period, violent rowan began to bloom. They always tried to plant this tree not far from the house — they said that the mountain ash protected a person from misfortune.

    And also on ponds and lakes to 17 white water lilies bloom in May. This flower in Russia was called overpowered-grass, because it helped fight a large number of diseases. Including with toothache and poisoning. Moreover, our ancestors believed that the water lily rid houses and even human souls from evil spirits.

    Folk signs 15 May are as follows:

    Butterflies remained in shelters after the rain — bad weather will continue.

  • Water lilies appeared — there will be no more night frosts.
  • The rituals of this day were considered not only diligent work, but also a special rest. After a working day, the ancestors took ritual food — porridge. It was believed that on this day it is unacceptable to eat anything else, so the housewives cooked a variety of cereals with different seasonings and dressings. People believed that if porridge was on the table, then the harvest would be good, providing life for the next year not only for people, but for the entire numerous household — livestock and poultry.

    20 May – Day Evdokia the Whistlers. Planting seedlings

    On Evdokia Svistunya, people in the old days did not sit idly by. It was believed that the saint patronizes gardening, so the peasants tried to do as much work as possible: they planted seedlings, hilled potatoes, and prepared the soil for sowing. Before starting work, the peasants served a prayer service to St. Euphrosyne and asked her for intercession. Folk signs of May believe that the most important thing that was now important for a good harvest is rain, so people prayed to the Holy One to send abundant water to the earth.

    Weather signs on May are:

    • It is raining on the growing moon — the summer will be rainy.
    • Народные приметы май North wind 25 May — to the cold summer.

    Cold day — it will be hail in summer.

    Народные приметы май Pigs dig swamps — by a rainy summer.

  • You can see a blue glow on high sharp objects (spiers, tops of pipes, bell towers, weather vanes) — a thunderstorm will begin soon.
  • Народные приметы на 5 мая In addition to prayers, people resorted to reading special conspiracies and performing protective rituals. For example, young people were instructed to go to the field and, bowing to all parts of the world, scatter aspen branches prepared in advance on the ground, after which they had to read a meek prayer and go home. Such a ceremony helped to bring rain and protect the crop from the evil eye, diseases and pests.

    26 May — Day of Fedot-Ovsyannik. Honor the oak

    Emilia Fedot in Russia was considered the helper of spring, saying: на 30 мая «Fedot will come — he will unfold the last oak leaf» Emilia. Our Slavic ancestors considered this tree a symbol of power, purity, glory and faith. It was believed that rejuvenating apples grow on it, promising immortality. Somewhat later, the oak became a symbol of the Thunderer Perun, and under its crown a pagan temple could be erected, where sacrifices were made. At the same time, it was a great sin to cut down an oak tree. Therefore, he was brought down at a strictly defined time, united by the whole village, in order to share the burden of sin.

    Weather signs on 24 May, are:

    • Oak leaves are completely set off — to a good harvest.
    • Народные приметы май Cuckoo 20 May cuckoos for a long time and without stopping — warm days have finally been established .

      Народные приметы май The oak spread its leaves before the ash tree — the summer will be dry.

      Народные приметы на 5 мая Flashes are playing — to change the weather.

    • The sun 26 may descend into haze? It will be raining. Cloudy — to inclement weather.
    • Народные приметы май A rain cloud is noisy — to hail and wind.

    By evening, the cumulus clouds have not passed — the weather will deteriorate.

    Народные приметы на 5 мая At sunset, the sun became pale — it will rain.

    Народные приметы на 5 мая For a long time, churches were built from oak wood, but chopping oak was considered a great sin. And so the mighty tree was felled at a certain time and, by joining efforts, in order to share the burden of sin on everyone. All this was accompanied by purification rites.

    As a rule, folk signs reflect the centuries-old observations of interpreters and certainly deserve attention. When compiling the article, we use materials from printed publications from the middle to the end of the nineteenth century. If you find confirmation of the sign in your daily life, please share it in the comments.

    You may want to know more about signs:

    325643 What itches for what — the correct interpretation will take

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