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Gardeners intend to simplify the registration of ownership of land in the liquidated SNT

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Summer residents can get the right to free privatization of land in the event of the liquidation of horticultural non-profit partnerships (SNT). A bill on this is being prepared for the second reading in the State Duma. Today, more and more often there are situations when in reality a horticultural partnership exists, but officially it no longer exists. As a rule, the chairmen are to blame for this, who did not submit their reports on time, so the Federal Tax Service simply excluded the SNT from the register of legal entities. This leads to the fact that gardeners cannot legalize land in the liquidated SNT and buildings located on it.

In March, new amendments were adopted to the law on the conduct by citizens of gardening and horticulture for their own needs. Among them is an amendment to the Land Code. It will give the right to apply a simplified procedure for registering land plots for ownership for citizens who received land plots as part of the SNT before its liquidation , — explained State Duma deputy, chairman of the Union of Summer Residents of the Moscow Region Nikita Chaplin to Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

In particular, citizens can get the right to receive their land plot free of charge until March 1 2031

Recall that it is up to this date that the “dacha amnesty” is in effect — a simplified procedure for registering land as property, including in old settlements, where allotments were handed out back in the middle of the last century, and in gardening cooperatives. Until March 1 2031, a simplified procedure for citizens to register their rights to already built (without notification) residential or garden houses. It will be enough to provide only a technical plan and title documents for the site.

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Legislators intend to solve another long-standing problem. We are talking about the difficulties in registering the right of common shared ownership of general-purpose plots. In the 620 years, garden associations massively allocated public land for unlimited use free of charge. Now these sites must either be privatized or transferred to the municipality or the state. But when registering ownership of public plots, Rosreestr required the consent of all owners of garden plots in SNT, including those who are not members of the partnership. Collecting such consents is almost impossible. At least because 10-11% of the plots are usually abandoned and it is impossible to find their owners.

If the law is adopted, then the decision to formalize the right of common ownership of public plots can be taken by two-thirds of the votes at the general meeting.

Source: Russian newspaper

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