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Helping hand: 255 thousand rubles will help David take his first steps

CrimeaPRESS reports:

David Popov, a 4-year-old boy diagnosed with spastic tetraparesis, needs our help.

Doctors believe that David is promising, but in order for him to be able to walk in the future, he needs the help of specialists now and constant rehabilitation in the next 2-3 years, otherwise it will be too late. Now the child needs to undergo rehabilitation in order to pump up the muscles of the legs and learn to crawl. David’s family has already come a long way, they need our help so that David can get back on his feet. Let’s help David and his family go through rehabilitation and take the first steps into the future— note in the Gulfstream Charitable Foundation.

From the first minute of his birth, David has been fighting for his life. The doctors were not sure that the boy would survive, for the first week he could not even breathe on his own.

I saw that from birth he had a strong muscle tone, he could not hold his head, arms and legs. I changed his diaper with difficulty. The heart felt something was wrong, the head refused to believeb, — says Natalya, David’s mother.

In the year the child was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and since then the family began a series of ongoing rehabilitation. To earn money, the only breadwinner, Natalya’s husband, went to work to help his son. The family lives in the LPR.

David cannot sit on his own, only when his mother is nearby and supports him, for a maximum of 10 minutes, he cannot speak, he only makes a few sounds, he cannot call his mother on his own and starts crying.

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Rehabilitation at a specialized center in Penza can help David, where he will be treated by specialists who are well acquainted with the boy’s diagnosis of cerebral palsy.

Let’s help David and give him a chance for a new life when he can get on his feet and take his first independent steps. Thank you very much for your support! — Your Gulfstream Foundation.

Helping hand: 255 thousand rubles will help David take his first steps

You can help the foundation if you tell your friends and acquaintances about our work!

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