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How Crimeans can join the «Immortal Regiment»: all formats

CrimeaPRESS reports:

As you know, this year the Immortal Regiment campaign in Russia, including Crimea, will be held in different formats. There will be no traditional procession on Victory Day. You can honor the memory of the heroes by posting their porters on cars, clothes, and in social networks. Tourist portal of Crimea told Let’s tell you how to participate in the action and where to look for information about your native front-line soldier.

«Immortal Regiment»

As the organizers of the Immortal Regiment of Russia explained, the decision to abandon the procession was made for security reasons. However, this will not prevent everyone who wants to unite on May 9 and honor the memory of their native heroes, remembering the faces and deeds of those who participated in the Great Patriotic War on the fronts and worked in the rear, ended up in a concentration camp or survived the blockade.

We offer to honor the memory of our heroes throughout the day, — said Elena Tsunaeva, co-chairman of the Central Headquarters of the Immortal Regiment of Russia OOD. — Everyone can choose the format of the Immortal Regiment that is convenient for them and tell about their hero by placing a portrait of a veteran on a car, on clothes or a badge, changing their avatar on social networks, and then the faces of the heroes will be with their descendants throughout the holiday, for whose bright the future they fought.

By car.

A portrait of your relative is proposed to be placed on the car. You can add photos with awards, a brief description of the military path and accomplished feats to it. The rear windows of the car are suitable for placement so that the pictures do not interfere with the driver’s view. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation reported that such stickers on cars would not be an administrative offense.

On clothes.

You can also apply a portrait of your front-line soldier on clothes, for example, on a T-shirt, pita. Thus, you can not part with a relative for the whole holiday. And the organizers of the Immortal Regiment offer journalists, volunteers and law enforcement officers to use badges with photos of heroes.

In social networks.

Putting a portrait of your warring relative on the main picture of your page in social networks is not a new tradition. This year, you can also tell about your hero in a post by adding the hashtags #ourImmortalRegiment and #heroines. A video collage will be created from these portraits, which will be posted on the Internet resources of the Immortal Regiment of Russia.

On-line translation.

The organizers of the «Immortal Regiment of Russia» promise that on May 9 the faces of the winners, including those sent in previous years, will be shown on screens and media facades throughout the country. And on the website of the organization ( there will be a thematic video postcard: a collage of portraits, which were placed in the project database until May 3. It will be possible to look at each character and quickly find a fragment of the recording with him, without waiting until he appears in the general video sequence.

All these action formats will allow each of us to feel like a part of a million army of people who remember those who, at the cost of their own lives, brought the Great Victory closer. After all, as they say: the memory is not needed by the dead, it is needed by the living. And of course, you can visit a familiar veteran, congratulate him on the holiday and personally say “thank you”. And after the whole family bring flowers to any war memorial and honor the memory of the departed with a moment of silence.

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On the eve of Victory Day, various patriotic actions have started in our country, which you can also join. Let’s talk about some of them.

Windows of Victory.

As part of the action, which has been held for several years, it is proposed to decorate the windows of apartments and houses with photographs of front-line soldiers, thematic stencils, flags, and congratulations.

Wall of Memory.

Any enterprise, organization and educational institution can join the All-Russian action. To do this, it is necessary to create a “Wall of Memory” at the facilities, on which employees will place portraits of their front-line soldiers.

Concerts for veterans.

Concerts and parades under the windows of veterans have been held in our country for several years. 2023 is no exception. Thus, the members of the Yunarmiya launched the traditional campaign «Parade at the Veteran’s House». Its participants will sing war songs, read poems, and march at the windows of the hero. The first such parades took place on 3 May. In total, Yunarmiya plans to hold over 2,000 such events, in which more than 50,000 children will take part.

The “Sing in the Yard” campaign has also become traditional, as part of which concerts for veterans are also held. Residents of the Tavrida art cluster also joined the project. In different parts of Russia, they will perform military songs in the yards where veterans live.

In some cities, representatives of authorities and creative teams take an active part in such events.

Red clove.

As part of the campaign, volunteers are distributing Red Carnation badges on city streets for donations. It is easy to recognize the guys — they are dressed in branded clothes with the symbol of the action and the logo of the volunteer organization. In gratitude for your charity, you will receive a Red Carnation badge — a symbol of unity and assistance to veterans. The promotion will last until June 22. All funds raised will be used to help veterans.

Where to look for information about your hero.

To help those who want to find information about their relative who fought, died or disappeared during the war years, special resources have been created. The most basic of them:

Generalized data bank (GDB) «Memorial». Data and scans of documents that are stored in Russian archives, including the Central Archive of the Russian Ministry of Defense, are posted here. The information concerns those who died during the war years, the missing prisoners of concentration camps, prisoners of war.

Electronic archive «Feat of the people». On the site you can find out if your relative was awarded awards and for what feat. There are award files, documents on the operational management of hostilities, decrees and orders for awards, etc.

Website «Memory of the People». This resource combines the functionality of the previous two. Here you can find information about a participant in the Great Patriotic War, learn about his awards, military path, place of death and burial.

It is worth considering that at the moment only part of the information available in the archives is posted on these resources. If you did not find the information you need on them, then you can ask for help from search engines in your region or where your hero fought or allegedly disappeared.

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