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How the Crimean reserves work during the winter holidays: schedule and visiting conditions

CrimeaPRESS informs:

Crimean nature reserves await tourists all January weekend.

Since the beginning of January and all the New Year holidays, the Crimean reserves will continue to work as usual. The only exceptions will be the Opuskiy and Kazantipsky reserves, which from January to April will live in «quiet mode», that is, take a break from tourists. This is reported by Tourist Portal of Crimea

with reference to the directorate of the institution «Reserved Crimea» .

The Krymsky National Park, the Karadag Nature Reserve and the Reserve Crimea Federal State Budgetary Institution are ready to receive tourists all winter holidays. Recalling that independent visits to the territories are strictly prohibited and you can move along most routes only accompanied by an employee of the institution and organized groups. You need to dress exclusively for the weather, emphasize in environmental institutions. In winter, it is warm clothes, a hat, comfortable waterproof shoes and preferably a raincoat in reserve.


The Karadag nature reserve is ready for work on January 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8, and on January 1 and 7, the institution has scheduled days off. To pass the reserved path, those who wish must gather in 11: 14 near the Museum of History and Nature of Karadag. Minimum group — up to . Anyone who wants to get on the route must sign up by phone: + 7 978 591-63-49. Ticket price for adults — 600 rub., children from 7 to 14 years – 400 rub., up to 7 years — free of charge, from 14 years — adult ticket Cash payment is made at the cash desk of the reserve. The directorate of the Karadag Reserve warns that in case of rain or heavy snowfall, the route may be closed. You need to clarify this by phone: +7 3656 22-42-87, +7 978 591-63-99.

For New Year and Christmas holidays on January 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 (January 1 and 7 — days off) at . at the Center for the Study and Adaptation of Marine Mammals on the territory of the Karadag Reserve, the program «People and Dolphins» will be held. The organizers clarify that the scientific demonstration program will take place only by preliminary applications for groups from human.


The federal state institution, which is in charge of four reserves at once, works during the holidays as before. In the «Reserved Crimea» they clarify that at any time of the year the «Swan Islands» remain inaccessible to tourists — a secluded area for rare species of birds, and the Opuksky and Kazantipsky reserves go into «silence mode» until April.

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But the Yalta mountain-forest is ready to take outdoor enthusiasts. To choose one of the 23 routes, you need to go to the website of the institution and check the information about whether the trails are closed due to bad weather or other natural factors, noted in the «Reserved Crimea». On the official electronic resource of the institution, trekking maps available for download have been added to each route so that tourists do not go astray. Registration of permission to visit the territory takes place online on the website. The whole procedure takes several minutes. The cost of visiting for guests of the peninsula is 87 rub. from a person. For children up to 14 years, the pass will be issued free of charge. For Crimeans, the passage to the reserve, according to the charter of the institution, is free. You can clarify the information of interest on visiting certain trails by calling the tourism department strictly from 9: 00 before 18: by phone: +7 978 87-82-23.


The Krymsky National Park, formerly the Crimean Natural Reserve, will be open to tourists all the days of the January holidays. From 8: to The Big Through Route is available for visiting — this is a road trip along the Romanovskaya forest road length 50 kilometers. You will drive along the picturesque mountain-forest highway from Alushta to the southern coastal village of Massandra. The Trout farm of the reserve, the monastery of Cosmas and Damian, the gazebo of the winds, the cordon “Red Stone” are available for inspection, on foot you can climb the highest point of Crimea — Mount Roman-Kosh. This journey will take a whole day, so the final departure time for the route is 13: . Ticket price — 2 thousand rubles. per person.

The second Small car route with stops at the Trout Farm and the Monastery is available until 10: inclusive. Price per person – 400 rub. You can buy tickets for excursions to protected areas only at the box office of the National Park in Alushta (Partizanskaya St., 16). Payment only in cash. Children from 7 to 16 years old, pensioners and disabled people. More benefits do not apply to any categories, clarified in the Krymsky park. Phone for more information: +7 978 99-42-99.

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