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How to overcome the «post-holiday syndrome». KFU psychologist told

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The May weekend and short working weeks caused the manifestation of the «post-holiday syndrome» among schoolchildren, students and workers. Olga Voynovskaya, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Psychology of the Tauride Academy of the Crimean Federal University, told about how to restore the regime and return to study and work.

Many people, no matter how they spent their weekends, face the same problem: after the holidays, they feel inexplicable sadness and fatigue, which makes it difficult to return to working days. Psychologists call this phenomenon “post-holiday syndrome”. There are two main reasons for this condition: physiological (malnutrition, violation of the sleep-wake regime) and psychological (unwillingness to complete the rest). Holidays become a kind of challenge, as the usual rhythm of life breaks down, the diet changes dramatically. But it is in our power to give a decent answer , — the press service of the university quotes the expert.

The psychologist identifies five elements of the formula for returning to tone: proper nutrition, adherence to the regimen, physical activity, a comfortable schedule and good mood. The expert advises not to completely abandon your favorite holiday food, but to combine it with healthy ones so as not to put the body under great stress. And to comply with the regimen and physical activity, he advises you to remember the secrets of Jim Hawkins from Treasure Island.

The secret of cheerfulness and even optimistic mood of the hero of the novel is that he goes to bed on time. So it is better to plan any activities in the daytime. Moreover, under the influence of sunlight in the body, the hormone “melatonin” is produced. It is he who allows us to be alert and collected during the day, to fall asleep on time with the onset of night. And the best leisure in May weather is outdoor activities, travel, outdoor games , — says the expert.

According to her, the first working days can involuntarily scare away the number of tasks that accumulate during the “downtime”, therefore it is important to schedule the urgency and importance of tasks, and not “grab everything at once”.

Organizational moments will help to tune in to the working mood: wipe the computer, desktop, window sill, mirror from dust; air the office at the beginning of the shift, water the flowers, start by checking email and planning things , explains Olga Voynovskaya.

For a good mood, the psychologist advises doing something that evokes positive emotions: having a delicious breakfast before work, putting on beautiful clothes, walking to work.

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