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If not us, then who? Andrei's only kidney fails — he needs help. BF «Gulfstream»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Eleven-year-old Andrei needs a long course of drug therapy to keep his only kidney functioning. The boy has agenesis (absence) of the left kidney since birth.

After suffering from hemorrhagic vasculitis last year, the boy started having problems with his right, only, kidney. Now Andryusha from Alchevsk needs to regularly take scarce expensive drugs in order to maintain the full functioning of a vital organ, which is not available in the LPR.

Andrey is now in the hospital with recurrent glomerulonephritis of the right kidney, and he has one pack of life-saving medicine left. There is no such drug in the entire Lugansk People’s Republic!

Now the boy’s life is locked in a hospital ward. His life has become a virtual mission. In the computer games he loves, he can walk, run, build a house… But in real life, he can only lie in a hospital room and hope for a miracle.

This miracle for him and for other children with similar diagnoses who need medication can be our help.

To live yes to live, but it is necessary to help! Andrey

There are many children like Andrei in the Luhansk People’s Republic. They need similar scarce drugs, which are not available in the region, for a long, expensive course of therapy to maintain kidney function.

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