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If writers need plots and characters… Read the reports of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation about real heroes

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation continues to talk about the heroes of the special operation in Ukraine. These are representatives of various branches of the armed forces, people of various professions, in various ranks. The circumstances of their exploits are also different, but the actions of these young people are united by loyalty to military duty, love for the Motherland, courage and steadfastness. Each of the stories given in the summaries may well become a separate work. Writers should not invent characters and plots. Everything is in life, everything is on the battlefield …

Guards Sergeant Denis Zhanchipov, as part of a battalion tactical group of Russian troops, performed a combat mission to liberate one of the settlements from Ukrainian Nazis. While moving through the city, Zhanchipov found a group of militants in an abandoned building. Denis competently distributed the forces of his subordinates and attacked the nationalists. During the fleeting battle of the Guards, Sergeant Zhanchipov personally destroyed up to five militants. As a result of the fighting, the settlement was liberated from Ukrainian radicals. A few days later, the nationalists, with the support of artillery, aviation and heavy equipment, attempted to regain control of the settlement. The militants counterattacked the platoon’s defense sector, which included the squad of Guards Sergeant Zhanchipov. Our servicemen repulsed the attack of the enemy. Denis Zhanchipov destroyed more than six enemy personnel with small arms fire, preventing the nationalists from breaking through in the defense sector.

If writers need plots and characters... Read the reports of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation about real heroes

Guards Corporal Dmitry Cherkashin, as part of the crew of a combat vehicle, performed the tasks of evacuating personnel and covering columns of automotive equipment during their movement in the zone of a special military operation. During the transportation of wounded soldiers to one of the field hospitals, Dmitry discovered a group of armed nationalists. Guard Corporal Dmitry Cherkashin, together with the senior car, decided to engage in battle with the enemy. Our crew destroyed a group of militants with dense fire, after which Dmitry continued to move and delivered the wounded servicemen to the field hospital. Guard Corporal Cherkashin, thanks to his high professionalism and combat experience, ensured the successful completion of the task and saved the lives of the evacuated servicemen.

If writers need plots and characters... Read the reports of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation about real heroes

The battalion tactical group of the Russian Armed Forces, which included senior sailor Alexei Zavodskoy, had the task of preventing the enemy from breaking through the defense lines and approaching nationalist reserves. Aleksey, as part of the crew of a combat vehicle of a rocket-propelled artillery platoon, performed a combat mission of engaging nationalists who had attempted to break through the defensive positions of Russian troops. Providing fire support to the Russian units, the gun crew of the senior sailor Zavodskoy conducted uninterrupted and accurate fire at the specified coordinates. The calculation of Alexei Zavodsky, thanks to cohesive, coordinated actions, destroyed the mortar crew of the enemy and up to 20 nationalists. Also during the battle, being under constant enemy fire, the crew of the combat vehicle hit a concrete pillbox, from which the enemy fired at our troops, as a result of which the enemy’s fire weapon and up to 7 militants were destroyed. The inflicted artillery strikes on enemy targets significantly weakened the battle formations of the nationalists, which made it possible to push them back to their original positions.

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If writers need plots and characters... Read the reports of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation about real heroes

Lieutenant Efendi Magamedov, as part of a subdivision of the Russian Armed Forces, participated in the liberation of one of the settlements from Ukrainian militants. After pushing out the militants, the Russian units were given the task of gaining a foothold in their positions by organizing defense. During the week, the nationalists made repeated attempts to counterattack and break through the positions of Russian units. At the same time, the militants used jamming equipment. Lieutenant Efendi Magamedov, despite the difficult radio-electronic situation created by the militants, managed to organize uninterrupted communications of the unit, which made it possible to quickly coordinate forces during the defense. After another enemy artillery salvo, the antenna on the hardware machine providing communications within the division was damaged. Lieutenant Efendi Magamedov personally advanced to repair the damage at the risk of his life. Effendi acted boldly and decisively, promptly eliminated the malfunctions and reconfigured the communication station. At that moment, a mortar shell exploded nearby and Lieutenant Magamedov received a shrapnel wound. The heroic deed of Lieutenant Efendi Magamedov helped restore communication and destroy enemy equipment and manpower. Thanks to Magamedov, the artillery crews obtained the coordinates of the locations of the artillery and mortar positions of the nationalists and attacked the enemy positions. The Russian servicemen repulsed all attacks of militants, the settlement remained under the control of the Russian Armed Forces.

If writers need plots and characters... Read the reports of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation about real heroes

Senior warrant officer Symbat Nasynov performed the tasks of ensuring the security of the rear column along its route to a given area. The enemy, in order to block the logistical supply channels of positions on the front line, made an attempt to attack our column. The militants opened fire on the Russian convoy with machine guns and mortars. Senior warrant officer Nasynov assessed the situation and ordered his subordinates to take up defense and repel the attack of the nationalists. Our fighters under the command of Symbat Nasynov acted boldly and decisively, repelling enemy attacks, despite the superior forces of the militants. During an unequal battle, Symbat, risking his own life, pulled out more than 10 Russian servicemen from under the fire: they were injured during the shelling and could not get to the shelter on their own. Symbat evacuated the wounded to a safe place and provided emergency assistance to his comrades, in fact, saved their lives. And then he returned to the column again to continue the battle. The nationalists did not expect to meet such a rebuff from the Russian military. The militants, despite superior forces, suffered significant losses and retreated. Senior Ensign Nasynov showed an example of dedication and determination. His courage and bravery made it possible to repel an enemy attack and complete the task of ensuring the safety of the rear column.

If writers need plots and characters... Read the reports of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation about real heroes

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