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In Alushta, an accountant will be tried for … a series of embezzlement of funds from his employer

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In Alushta, the investigation of a criminal case against a local resident has been completed. The investigating authorities are accusing her of fraud on an especially large scale, as well as committing a series of episodes of making and using fake orders intended for the illegal transfer of finances.

The investigator of the investigative department for the city of Alushta found that from June 2019 to May 2021, a private accountant, on the basis of an oral agreement, kept financial records for an individual entrepreneur who carried out commercial activities in the city in the field of underwater technical and diving operations. Using a trusting relationship with the employer and having access to his settlement accounts in credit institutions, the accountant for more than two years carried out the theft of funds in small amounts, invisible among the total volume of transactions. The theft was carried out by submitting to credit institutions payment orders prepared by the accountant, giving the appearance of financial and economic operations on the part of the entrepreneur, on the basis of which the stolen funds were transferred to the current accounts in use by the woman— said in the Sledkom.

The criminal activity of the accused was detected and suppressed by operational officers of the UEPiPK of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the city of Alushta in October 2022 after the merchant filed a statement.

In total, during the investigation, a series of 98 economic crimes by an accountant was established in the amount of more than 1.6 million rubles.

At present, the investigation of the criminal case has been completed. Guilt in committing crimes is confirmed by the results of an accounting forensic examination, testimonies of witnesses given during interrogations and confrontations, materials of operational-search activities, protocols of examination of objects and documents, as well as other materials of the criminal case— noted in the Sledkom.

The case materials were sent to the prosecutor’s office for the purpose of studying, signing the indictment and sending the case to court.

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