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In Crimea, completed work on the repair of the section of the highway Razdolnoe — Korneevka

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Road works on the Razdolnoye-Korneevka section were carried out as part of the Safe High-Quality Roads national project

The contracting team of Alt-Era LLC completed all construction and installation work to replace the Razdolnoye-Korneevka roadbed. 2.8 km of the inter-municipal road section has been brought to the standard state. Repair work was carried out within the framework of the regional project «Regional and local road network» of the national project «Safe quality roads». The asphalt concrete pavement on this section of the road was in an abnormal condition and lost its main wear-resistant properties. The road crew cut the surface layer of the roadway pavement, dismantled the crushed stone base, replaced the leveling layer of the roadway pavement and side stones— noted in Main Department for the implementation of national projects (regional project office).

The contractor’s specialists strengthened the roadsides and replaced the galvanized metal fencing. In addition, great attention was paid to safety at the facility. Road signs are installed here, longitudinal and transverse horizontal markings are applied.

In 2023, it is planned to repair roads of regional and intermunicipal significance (including road network facilities of urban agglomerations) with a total length of more than 160 km. 3 billion 088 million rubles are provided for the implementation of road works to bring them into line with the relevant regulatory requirements.

The creation of a modern, comfortable and reliable transport infrastructure is a priority for the regional authorities. Updated roads mean comfort, safety and convenience for motorists and pedestrians. Thanks to the participation of the Republic of Crimea in the national project «Safe High-Quality Roads», the main tasks in the road sector are being solved: putting in order key areas that ensure the availability of social institutions, economic and tourism facilities.

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In 2023, specialists will carry out repairs, overhauls, and reconstruction of transport network facilities, which in turn facilitates the movement of Crimean residents and vacationers along high-quality and safe transport routes.

source: Main Department for the Implementation of National Projects (Regional Project Office)

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