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In Crimea, every second parent and 8 out of 10 teachers are against photography and video filming in the classroom

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The ban on photography and video filming in the classroom, proposed by the relevant committee of the State Duma, is approved by 52% of schoolchildren’s parents and 84% of teachers. At the same time, the parent community is more often concerned about the possible negative consequences of the law than teachers. Parents and teachers from the Crimea took part in the survey of the SuperJob service for finding highly paid jobs.

The State Duma is developing a bill to ban photography and video shooting during school lessons. It is assumed that recording will be allowed only for educational purposes and will need to be agreed with the school administration and the teacher. This legislative initiative is supported by 52% of parents of schoolchildren: in their opinion, children should not be distracted from the educational process, and the object of their attention should be tasks and exercises, not the smartphone screen. Every fourth parent (27%) opposes: they remind that, if necessary, it is the video recording that will help to prosecute teachers who violate the law, for example, in case of insulting students or using physical force. “On the contrary, there should be constant video recording of lessons: this would discipline teachers, and absent students could view the recording and fill in the gaps”; «What’s wrong with a child taking a picture of the notes on the board?» — comment the respondents, — the press service of the service notes.

Among teachers, the level of support for the bill is noticeably higher than among parents: 8 out of 10 teachers agree with the ban. In their opinion, photography and video filming in the classroom distracts both children and teachers: not all teachers are comfortable working under a camera. Only 7% of those polled opposed the restrictions: “I have nothing to hide”; “Why ban, let them film and rewatch, they will remember more.”

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Time: March 3-7, 2023

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