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In Crimea, husbands help with all household chores 3 out of 10 women

CrimeaPRESS reports:

3 out of married women said that their men are involved in all household chores. Married men and women took part in the survey of the high-paying job search service SuperJob.

49% of men assess their volume of housework as insufficient, 14% do not help at all in everyday life. A survey of wives showed that 52% of them consider their husbands’ help around the house to be small, every sixth spouse ignores household chores. However, 31% of married men claim that they are involved in everyday life beyond measure. Women whose husbands take care of the house more than necessary — 32%.

Most men and women believe that it is not necessary to divide duties into women’s and men’s, husbands should help their other half in all household chores. Women dream of a man taking over repair work, helping with cleaning, cooking and washing dishes more often than men show their willingness to do this.

How are things with the distribution of responsibilities in everyday life really? 3 out of women reported that men help them with all household chores. Every fifth husband helps with cleaning, and for 25% he takes care of repairs. 25% is involved in cooking.

Time: -31 January 2023 of the year

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