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In Crimea, preparing for the OGE with tutors has become more frequent

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Graduates are increasingly preparing for exams with tutors. Today, every second parent reports that a ninth-grader child takes private lessons — this is one and a half times more than 2 years ago. Parents from the Crimea took part in the survey of the SuperJob service for finding a highly paid job. Additional classes with tutors are paid for by 28% of parents of students in grades 7-8 for their child.

Future graduates work with private teachers much more often: 51% of parents of 9th graders and 44% of parents of 10-11th graders said that their child has a tutor. Students in grades 7-8 are especially often hired by teachers in English, algebra and geometry, as well as the Russian language. For children of this age, tutors, as a rule, help either to improve academic performance and do homework, or to complete school projects and prepare for olympiads. On average, parents spend 2,700 rubles a week on tutors for a student in grades 7-8— noted in the press service of the service.

Attracting private teachers for future graduates, parents put the preparation for the OGE and the Unified State Examination in the forefront. The most in demand are tutors in compulsory subjects — algebra, geometry and the Russian language. The top 5 most in-demand subjects also include English, physics, chemistry and social studies. Parents of 9th graders spend an average of 2,800 rubles a week on private lessons, parents of 10th and 11th grade students spend an average of 5,500 rubles each.

Time: February 1-28, 2023

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