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In Crimea summed up the results of the implementation of the national project «Culture» for 2022

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In Crimea, within the framework of the national project «Culture» for 2022 year, funding for regional projects was provided in the amount of 620,049 million rubles, of which disbursed 236,36 million rubles or 48,nine %. Such results were summed up in the Main Department for the implementation of national projects.


A major overhaul of two cultural and leisure organizations in rural areas was completed: the Aleksandrovsky rural house of culture in the Krasnogvardeisky district and the Pervomaisky rural house of culture in the Kirovsky district, as well as a major overhaul of two municipal children’s art schools: the Children’s Art School in the village. Sovetskoe Sovetskogo district and the Children’s Art School in the village. Krasnogvardeyskoye, Krasnogvardeysky district.

В Крыму подвели итоги реализации нацпроекта «Культура» за 2022 год

Modern technical equipment was received by 3 municipal museums: the Belogorsk Regional Museum of Local History, the Nizhnegorsk Museum of Local History and the Yalta Museum of History and Literature. Acquired technical and technological equipment necessary for the implementation of exhibition activities, as well as the storage and preservation of objects of the museum fund.

On the basis of the Crimean Literary and Artistic Memorial Museum-Reserve, the opening of the first virtual concert hall in Yalta for broadcasting iconic cultural events took place. To equip it, projection, broadcasting and sound-amplifying equipment was purchased. To create the effect of full presence in the concert hall, a projector, a set of acoustic systems and a server video mixing system were installed in the museum, and employees were trained in the operation of new equipment.

В Крыму подвели итоги реализации нацпроекта «Культура» за 2022 год

The Crimean State Philharmonic has opened a virtual concert hall in the city of Yevpatoria, which will also present various concerts, performances, musical programs from the funds of the Moscow State Academic Philharmonic, the Bolshoi Theater, the Mariinsky Theater, Helikon Opera and other well-known concert organizations and theatres.

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В Крыму подвели итоги реализации нацпроекта «Культура» за 2022 год

Two municipal libraries were re-equipped according to the model standard. Modern equipment was received by the Chistopol rural library of the Leninsky district and the Regional Children’s Library. S.V. Yagupova of the Black Sea region. The library presents an updated library fund, new computer and interactive equipment with free access to the Internet and the ability to use Russian and foreign information resources. Library halls will become available for communication and organization of exhibition events, educational leisure, discussions, individual work with books and computer equipment.

В Крыму подвели итоги реализации нацпроекта «Культура» за 2022 год

Equipped with musical instruments, equipment and materials 9 municipal children’s music and art schools: Simferopol, Kuibyshev, Izumrudnovskaya, Azov, Leninskaya, Nizhnegorskaya, Pervomaiskaya, Sovetskaya and Chernomorskaya.


Financial state support was provided to the best rural cultural institutions and to the best workers of rural cultural institutions.

Photos and materials: Main Department for the Implementation of National Projects (Regional Project Office).

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