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In Crimea, the ex-judge will be judged — he committed a fatal accident, and also interfered with the investigation

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In Crimea, the investigation of the criminal case against the former magistrate of the Kerch judicial district, who committed a fatal accident and obstructed the investigation, was completed

The investigator of the Department for the Investigation of Particularly Important Cases found that in October 2019, the then current justice of the peace, driving a Skoda, was moving at a significant speed limit along the Kamysh-Burun highway in the city of Kerch. Having passed a prohibiting traffic signal, he hit a pedestrian passing through a controlled crossing, after which he fled the scene. The driver did not take any measures to provide first aid to the victim, call medical and operational services. A week later, the victim died in the hospital from injuries received as a result of an accident.— reported in the Sledkom.

Not only did the judge fled the scene of the crime, he further persuaded a resident of the Krasnodar Territory to take responsibility for the incident, promising a significant monetary reward and a vehicle in which the victim was hit.

The official misled the acquaintance about the state of health of the victim and further legal consequences. The judge provided the figurehead with information about the circumstances of the incident, ensured that there were traces of his presence in the car, and also issued a “backdating” contract for the sale of the promised vehicle. Thus, hoping to avoid responsibility for the crime committed, the justice of the peace misled the preliminary investigation authorities regarding the person who committed it.— noted in the Sledkom.

A well-organized investigation of a criminal case, conducting a significant range of investigative and other procedural actions, including interrogations of witnesses, checks with their participation of testimony on the spot, confrontations and identifications, inspections of the scene of the incident, objects and documents, investigative experiments and forensic examinations made it possible establish the true circumstances of the traffic accident.

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By the decision of the qualification board of judges of the Republic of Crimea, the powers of the magistrate of the judicial district of the Kerch judicial district of the Republic of Crimea were terminated.

At present, the investigation of the criminal case has been completed. The materials were sent to the prosecutor’s office for the purpose of studying, approving the indictment and further sending the case to court.

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