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In Russia, by 2024, the number of fakes may more than double

CrimeaPRESS reports:

You think you know how to separate the truth from the lies on the Internet … This is not entirely true.

Alarming statistics of the global information field of Russia: last year almost 4,000 unique fake messages were detected, and the total number of copies of fake messages amounted to about 10 million.

We predict that the trend towards an increase in the number of fakes will continue in the coming years. We predict an increase in the number of copies of fake messages to 22 million in 2024. With less pessimistic estimates, their volume may reach 15 million, but this is still a multiple more than before the start of the NWO— said Tikhon Makarov, Advisor to the General Director of ANO Dialog Regions.

According to Dialogue, 64% of Russians believe they know how to identify fakes. At the same time, most of the interviewed experts made mistakes in a series of tests. Recently, as part of a fact-checking project «Noodle Media» the famous actor Stas Yarushin tested the students of the capital’s universities for the ability to identify unreliable information. During the experiment, it turned out that even the younger generation is not always ready to identify a fake: about half of the participants made a mistake when verification of information.

You can learn more about the experiment at social networks of the project.

More than a hundred unreliable publications were refuted in Crimea last year, — said the head of the Center for Regional Management of the Republic of Crimea Artyom Artyomenko. — Most of them related to the topic of a special military operation. They are mainly distributed through public pages on social networks and pro-Ukrainian media. We can single out the following top fake publications: the shutdown of the banking system and mobile communications on the peninsula, problems with obtaining medical care, lack of food and uncontrolled price increases.

Not only the topics of fakes are changing, but also the mechanics of their creation. Thus, fake photos and videos were used more actively at the beginning of 2022, at the end of the year their circulation decreased. Also at the beginning of 2022, hackers attempted to hack major information resources, executive authorities and the media. Today, resources at the regional level have become more often subjected to hacker attacks.

The most wrong thing when faced with a fake is an emotional and quick reaction. This is exactly the kind of reaction that scammers expect when we don’t have the opportunity to stop and think about the essence of the message, to analyze it. Excessive speed reduces the effectiveness of critical thinking, can lead to unpredictable and even tragic consequences associated with harm to health, financial well-being, impact on relationshipsMakarov stressed.

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