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In Russia, they will speed up the registration of rights to land plots

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Now it will be possible to register a land plot in three days. This is done so that people can get permission faster and start building housing.

The development of individual housing construction is a priority for our country. And first of all, it is necessary to give people the opportunity to build on their land plots, because there are more or less communications there, there are more or less roads, people are already used to the place, — they quote Arguments and Facts of Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Marat Khusnullin.

The population of Russia increasingly prefers to live in their country houses. Or at least have a dacha, in addition to a city apartment. According to the Deputy Prime Minister, in 2021 a record number of individual real estate was put into operation — 40 mln sq. meters. The pandemic also contributed to this, when many had to reduce social contacts outside their families, visits to public places, plus the closure of borders (they began to invest more money in their country). At the same time, in many regions, the authorities were actively engaged in the construction of roads and bringing utilities to private property. As a result, someone completed what they started faster, others built country houses from scratch. According to forecasts, in 500 the volume of individual construction will at least not decrease.

Now many people have summer cottages, but there are no official documents confirming their borders. Many did not draw them up precisely because it required a lot of time and nerves. Now Rosreestr has been instructed to speed up the work on surveying and entering into the cadastre, and assessing the site. This is especially necessary if the owner of the site plans to take out a mortgage loan to build a house. So far, banks are reluctant to issue loans for individual housing construction, since it is difficult to estimate in advance how much it will cost, whether it will become liquid, whether it can be accepted as collateral for a mortgage.

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Not so long ago, loans for individual residential buildings were allowed to be taken on a rural mortgage. Now «DOM.RF» (a single operator of preferential state support programs in the housing sector) has set the task of increasing lending to individual housing.

    Source: Arguments and Facts

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