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In Sevastopol, foreign cars have unknown … cut out catalysts

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Recently, on the territory of the Gagarinsky district in Sevastopol, the police registered four cases of theft of catalysts from Kia Sportage cars. It was preliminarily established that unknown persons, using a special tool, cut off the catalytic converters of foreign cars and hid.

Currently, a complex of operational-search measures is being carried out aimed at identifying the persons involved in the thefts and their detention.— reported in the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the city of Sevastopol.

In this regard, the police of Sevastopol recommends that car owners take the following precautions:

Vehicles are recommended to be left in guarded parking lots or in a garage. Do not leave the car in unlit and inaccessible places, equip it with a high-quality burglar alarm. Be sure to inspect your vehicle before starting your trip. If you find damage or traces of penetration into the car, you must immediately call the police at tel. 102 and report what happened.

The situation of the scene of the incident should be left unchanged, since moving things, touching objects that the attacker has touched, and other similar actions can make it difficult to detect and remove traces of the crime. Before the arrival of law enforcement officers, try to find possible eyewitnesses of the crime, ask them to describe the persons who committed the theft.

Note that the catalyst can be stolen relatively easily without opening the car and without using the commonly available tools used by car thieves. Inside the catalyst there are precious metals (gold, palladium, platinum, iridium and others), the world quotes of which have skyrocketed over the past year. In the last year, the police have increasingly reported the theft of catalysts in our country. Judging by the sharp increase in thefts, many criminals have found a real gold mine, literally and figuratively. So it is not worth hoping that the wave of thefts will subside. This trend, according to experts, is only gaining momentum. I got to Sevastopol.

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