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In Sevastopol passed the first reading of the Law aimed at supporting members of the SVO and their families

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Deputies of the Legislative Assembly in the first reading approved a law aimed at supporting members of the NWO and their families. The document was developed by the Government of Sevastopol.

Everyone takes this bill very seriously. It is certainly important and necessary. The sooner we accept, the sooner the families of Sevastopol-participants of the NWO will be able to receive social support measures. We made the law providing for various types of assistance as much as possible, including such an additional benefit as the provision of ownership of a land plot for individual construction. We held consultations with deputies, and we all together believe that this is a very important part of the law, but at the same time difficult. Everyone knows that the land bank in Sevastopol is limited, but we have a complete understanding of how to implement the law. We adopt the law with full awareness of political responsibility, “not for a red word”, but for unconditional implementation , — the press service of the Government of Sevastopol quotes Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev.

Mikhail Razvozhaev thanked the deputies of the Legislative Assembly, who promptly got involved in the work. The governor stressed that after an appeal from a number of representatives of the United Russia party, he supported the proposal to finalize the bill.

Our main goal is to make the law fair and just. Most importantly, after the law was submitted for consideration to the Legislative Assembly, appeals began to be received from representatives of various departments. We also discussed them at a meeting of the United Russia faction. The law initially stipulated representatives of the Ministry of Defense, mobilized and volunteers who went to the NVO zone. Of course, it is necessary to include representatives of the National Guard, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and other departments who also participate in the NVO, solve special tasks, are on the front lines or are directly involved in hostilities. The basic principle is that all Sevastopol residents who risk their lives defending our country during a special military operation should receive the same support measures. This is a significant amendment that should be made. I fully support her, — says Mikhail Razvozhaev.

The deadline for making amendments is November 8, inclusive. After that the document will be considered in the second reading.

Sevastopol residents have always shown unity and solidarity in a period of threat and danger facing the Motherland. And in this case, the fact that the executive and legislative authorities act as a united front in order to adopt such an important law and provide the necessary benefits to the families of the defenders of our country and our values ​​is an indicator. This is very correct. And today is an important moment for all of us, for our entire city. I ask everyone to get involved in the work on amendments to the bill in order to eliminate all inaccuracies, not to miss any of those who are now defending our Motherland. Those who are on the front line there now should know that their families are under the care of the state, and we will take care of them, they will receive enough warmth and care from us. This means that it will be easier for our guys to fight and defend our Motherland and our cause, — stresses the Chairman of the Legislative Assembly Vladimir Nemtsev.

Recall that we are talking about 12 social support measures that will be provided by the region to Sevastopol participants in the SVO and their families.

Of course, our comrades, our brothers, our sons are now fulfilling a historic mission, fighting the evil that our President called «Satanism.» And of course, we must do what we can to help our comrades in this difficult situation. Therefore, our faction has no doubts that such a law should be adopted. I am convinced that appropriate laws will soon be adopted at the federal level, which will strengthen and expand our law. I believe that the right decision has been made — to take a break for the second reading, which will allow us to eliminate and polish all the inaccuracies, including those that my colleagues spoke about. But this law will exist in Sevastopol and we, of course, support it , — says Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Assembly Vasily Parkhomenko.

As a reminder, the participants of the special military operation and their families are invited to provide the following measures of social support: compensation for the cost of paying for housing in the amount of 50 percent of the cost of services for housing within the social norm of housing area, including to members of their families living together with them, compensation 50 of interest for payment of housing and communal services, free travel on all types of urban passenger transport (with the exception of taxis of all types), public transport in rural areas, suburban railway transport and buses of suburban routes of the city of Sevastopol; admission of children to state budgetary preschool educational organizations on an extraordinary basis and exemption from payment for their attendance, free provision of recreation and health services to children, provision of children with free meals in state educational organizations, the right to receive free legal assistance, provision of land plots free of charge , employment assistance. These support measures will also apply to family members of the deceased participants of the NWO.

In addition, regional support measures are now in place in Sevastopol — this is the payment 200 of thousands of rubles to those mobilized as part of partial mobilization and volunteers.

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