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In Sevastopol, the police completed the investigation of the case of illegal distribution of pornography

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Public admins — as a lesson.

According to the regional police department, in Sevastopol, a preliminary investigation has been completed in a criminal case against a local resident accused of illegally distributing pornographic materials via the Internet.

A 33-year-old resident of Sevastopol, being the administrator of the channel in the Internet messenger, published two videos in it, in which a man and a girl commit sexual acts while in a public place — in one of the city’s entertainment establishments. Thus, the defendant posted the above videos for public viewing and provided the opportunity for other users to view and copy these videos.— told the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the city of Sevastopol.

It is clarified that during the preliminary investigation, video recordings were seized from surveillance cameras installed in the entertainment establishment, as well as the attacker’s mobile phone and laptop, which contained video files with sexual actions, as well as information confirming their distribution through the channel in the Internet messenger. The examination carried out confirmed that the videos submitted for examination contain obligatory signs of information of a pornographic nature.

By their actions, the accused committed a crime under paragraph “b” of Part 3 of Art. 242 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation — illegal distribution of pornographic materials, committed using information and telecommunication networks, including the Internet. The sanction of the article provides for punishment of up to six years in prison.the police said.

The materials of the criminal case against the accused were sent to the prosecutor’s office for subsequent transfer to the court. For the duration of the investigative actions, the figurant was elected a preventive measure in the form of a written undertaking not to leave the place and proper behavior.

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