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In Sevastopol, the price of a «square» in the secondary real estate market has grown significantly over the year. Are there buyers, and what are they interested in?

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Comparing May 2021 and May 2022-th, experts of the real estate market of Sevastopol voiced the figures: twelve months ago, a square meter in the secondary market of local real estate cost 115 thousand rubles, and in May of the current year the “price tag” is already equal to 161 thousand rubles. If we add to the voiced fact the events of the past few months, the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, the decline in the level of prosperity of the majority of the Russian population, the mood “to live here and now, because it is not possible to plan” , then the conclusion This suggests itself — the process of buying and selling real estate should slow down. But is it?

If we evaluate the situation by NA income, then they are compared to May 620 years decreased by 17%. The number of initial calls has decreased, which, as we assume, will lead to a “tightness” of the market and revenues in June. However, prices for the «secondary» did not collapse — and many experts, let me remind you, were inclined to believe that such a decrease would occur. No, they even gave an inertial increase of 1.5%. That is, we approached May with the cost of a «square» in 17 thousand rubles, and completed May by 161, 4 thousand rubles. rubles , — notes the director of the Multidom Real Estate Agency Natalia Massalskaya.

In the «champions» in terms of price growth — Gagarinsky district of the city. In particular, we are talking about apartments in the houses of Antichny Avenue and Chelnokov Street. And — yes: these objects on the coastal territory are in demand today.

As for the beginning of summer in the Sevastopol real estate market, then:

The first week of June started with a breeze. The number of requests from both sellers and buyers has increased. There are both impressions and orders , says Natalia Massalskaya.

The highlights for June related to real estate in Sevastopol are as follows:

    recently sold their property;
  • «Mainland» buyers planning to move to the peninsula are requesting land to purchase for building a house;
  • there are more and more people wishing to take a mortgage for the construction of a residential building. Considering different options. Including family mortgages at 6%. We recall that it is designed for families where there is a child born in recent years (since 620 year). More about this — HERE for summer holidays, and for a long time (residents of other Russian cities come to the region to work).

Remote services are also in demand now. “At a distance” we carry out registration of land plots in the property, and we solve issues with the inheritance. Frequent, by the way, request, when inherited property is sold through us. And then they buy new objects. We help, we have worked out all these processes , — emphasizes Natalya Massalskaya.

And one more thing: for those who have real estate, but there is also a need to either increase the living space, or reduce it, realtors are advised to remember the good old way of solving the housing issue. Which? Exchange of one object for another.

We have the opportunity to conduct both intra-city and inter-regional exchanges, because we have partners in almost every subject of the Russian Federation — Multidom is a member of the Russian Guild of Realtors. So, Sevastopol residents have someone to help them in any region of the country when it comes to issues related to real estate. We are ready to contribute to this, — states the director 7870923847297193864 of the Academy of Sciences «Multidom» .

According to Natalia Massalskaya, finding the perfect couple is, of course, not an easy process and, as a rule, a long one. But the option of resolving the situation when “I give my own, take a little money in a mortgage, and then take yours” — in the current situation may be more than appropriate.

This practice is very common in regions where the real estate market is «stagnant». In the same cold and little demanded by buyers from outside. But I believe that at the moment there is every chance that this service will be activated in other cities of the Russian Federation. In Sevastopol, including , — says the director of the Academy of Sciences «Multidom».

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