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In Simferopol, the street and road network is being put in order. Where did the new speed bumps appear?

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In Simferopol, employees of MBU «Gorod» continue to work on the maintenance of the road network of the Crimean capital. This was announced by the director of the institution Anton Gumen.

According to him, in the period from May 8 to 14, MBU employees installed 40 road signs on Nikanorov, Vinnitskaya, Elevatornaya, Danilova streets, and also repaired similar structures on 16 streets of the city.

Anton Humen specified that the maintenance of city roads is one of the most important, since the safety of both pedestrians and drivers depends on them.

Repair of roads, marking, installation of road signs and pedestrian barriers, installation of «speed bumps» — all these works are carried out by employees of the Municipal Budgetary Institution «City» in order to make it comfortable for residents and guests of Simferopol to move around the city, regardless of the presence of a car— said the director of the «City».

So, last week, the institution carried out the installation of pedestrian barriers. This type of work was carried out on the streets of Pushkin, Grazhdanskaya, Kirov Avenue and Kuibyshev Square, and repairs were carried out on Lesya Ukrainka.

The installation of artificial road bumps (“speed bumps”) was carried out on Griboedov, Nikanorov, KIM streets, in Evpatoriysky lane.

The company’s specialists continue to maintain the city’s storm sewer networks. Cleaning and washing of storm drains, open trays, replacement and repair of storm water gratings, cleaning of storm water wells and other elements of storm sewers are carried out daily. Thus, during the reporting period, work was carried out on the streets of Shpolyanskaya, Sokolinaya, Kuibyshev, Vorovsky and others— Anton Gumen informed.

He also added that the places for repair work are determined based on the results of daily monitoring of the state of the city’s road network. The institution also processes applications received through the Unified Duty Dispatch Service of the city.

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In Simferopol, the street and road network is being put in order. Where did the new speed bumps appear?

Photo: Simferopol administration.

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