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In the city of Saki, investigators detained a participant in the fraudulent scheme «Your relative got into an accident»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The duty unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia «Saksky» received a statement from a 73-year-old pensioner who became the victim of a telephone scammer. The applicant said that her daughter allegedly called her from an unknown number on her mobile phone and said that she had got into an accident and then a man who introduced himself as a lawyer determined the amount of money to resolve the issue with justice. A few hours later, the woman handed over 100,000 rubles to a courier who arrived at her house.

Employees of the Saki criminal investigation department worked quickly and detained in hot pursuit.

The very next day, the courier, a local resident, was detained and said that he had found information about such earnings on one of the Internet services. The man also said that he transferred the funds received to the bank account indicated to him by the curator, leaving himself the agreed amount for the service rendered. During the operational-search activities, the detectives collected evidence and convicted the suspect of committing another similar crime. It was established that on April 18, an 83-year-old Sakchan woman suffered from the actions of fraudsters, who lost 180 thousand rubles in a similar way.— reported in the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Republic of Crimea.

Photographs of money handed over to him were found in the suspect’s smartphone. According to the courier, he sent the photos to his «curator» for confirmation before making a bank transfer.

Employees of the investigative department of the Intermunicipal Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia «Saksky» initiated criminal cases on the facts on the grounds of crimes under Part 2 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Fraud”). The sanction of the article provides for punishment of up to 5 years in prison.

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