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In the Crimea, began the production of anti-tank concrete barriers of increased strength

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In the Crimea, a plant in the village of Shkolnoye (in the Simferopol region) began the production of anti-tank concrete barriers of increased strength for the needs of the military. Leonid Babashov, State Duma deputy from the Republic of Crimea, wrote about this on Tuesday in the Telegram channel

I went to the plant of vibro-tested products in the village of Shkolnoye. A large, modern enterprise for the production of curbs and paving slabs was built here. At a meeting with the staff, it turned out that the management of the plant had decided to contribute to the support of our military. The enterprise has begun production of high-strength anti-tank concrete barriers. The capacities of the enterprise allow to produce up to 5 thousand concrete tetraders per month, each weighing 1.2 tons , — the deputy noted.


Such concrete barriers — «pyramids» are put up at the lines and connected to each other by a chain in order to prevent tanks and other armored vehicles from driving deep into the defended territory.

В Крыму приступили к производству противотанковых бетонных заграждений повышенной прочности

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