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In the Crimean cave «Tavrida» intend to create a paleontological museum

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Specialists of the Scientific Speleo-Palaeontological Complex «Tavrida Cave» of the Crimean Federal University have begun to systematize the bones and fragments of the found ancient inhabitants in order to create a paleontological museum on the territory of the complex.

Since the discovery of the cave in 2018, a fairly large number of finds have already been collected. The systematization of the collected material is carried out according to animal taxa: the bones of elephants, rhinos, horses and other ancient inhabitants are sorted separately from each other. In addition, a selection of exhibits that have scientific and expositional value (whole or almost whole) is being carried out, and some of the finds are being partially restored. And small fragments of bones, on which it is impossible to see morphological characteristics and take measurements, are not processed yet— the press service of the university quotes Vadim Titov, senior researcher at the Scientific Speleo-Paleontological Complex «Tavrida Cave» of KFU.

The next step, according to the specialist, will be the cleaning and conservation of the finds, many of which are very fragile and require gluing with special solutions for longer storage. Then a separate code is assigned to future exhibits, which is then entered into the museum’s catalog.

In the Crimean cave In the Crimean cave In the Crimean cave

According to Vadim Titov, the finds of the first years have already been entered in the register book, work on certification will continue. In addition, in the complex, visitors and students will be able to see most of the previously undiscovered finds with their own eyes, and open storage of funds will be organized in the repository.

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Recall that the Taurida cave was found in 2018 during the construction of the multi-lane highway of the same name. The scientific speleo-paleontological complex based on the cave was created by the Crimean Federal University as part of the program of strategic academic leadership «Priority 2030».

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