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In the first two months of the year, the birth of almost 3,000 children was registered in Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Boys and girls — almost equally.

In the first two months of 2023, 2,990 children were born in Crimea, 1,503 boys and 1,487 girls. The Department of Civil Registry Office of the Ministry of Justice of Crimea said that in January, registry office departments issued a little more birth certificates — 1,548, in February — 1,442.

The largest number of relevant records of acts for the two reporting periods was made in the birth registration department of the city of Simferopol — 715, in the Simferopol regional department of the registry office — 658, in the Evpatoria city department of the registry office — 175, in the Yalta city department of the registry office — 171, in the Kerch city department of the registry office — 154 and in the Bakhchisarai district registry office — 141. Also in January and February, 32 twins and one triplet were registered (the triplets were born at the end of December 2022, and the birth of children was registered as early as the next month of the new year, in January)— noted in the Department of Civil Registry Office.

More often, parents of newborns of this period assigned them names: Alexander, Artyom, Maxim, Artur, Mustafa, Konstantin, Mark, Ismail, Timur, Vladimir, Ibraim, Mikhail, Yusuf, Amir, Milan, Daria, Sofia, Anna, Emine, Yesenia, Polina , Ekaterina, Margarita.

Rare names are: Alla, Vasilina, Nur, Radife, Felix, Aurora, Temir, Snezhana, Ayat, Natalya, Khairy, Dlyora, Ayla, Ramina, Martin, Mira, Maya, Milena, Lolita, Rihanna, Arlen, Glafira, Ranel, Ilana, Anael, Inana, Lionel, Mirana, Ladomira, Ayat, Arya, Jaromir, Veleslav, Nihon, Nuri, Yasin, Klim, Aron, Melissa, Yasina, Veli, Danilika, Ofarid, Djibril, Avigei, Lord, Daarika, Saddar, Mathieu, Victor-Baruch, Savva, Svetozar, Daromir, Fadey, Mannon, Sami, Aya, Amenna, Essana.

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