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In the morning, traffic on the Crimean bridge was blocked for almost an hour.

CrimeaPRESS reports:

And in the north of Crimea, air defense worked.

In the morning, for about 50 minutes, the passage of vehicles on the Crimean bridge was blocked. And from two sides — both from the mainland and from Kerch. In the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Crimea, such an overlap was explained by «technical reasons.»

A version of “air raid” or “missile danger” instantly appeared on social networks. This is partly due to the operation of air defense systems in the north of Crimea. Residents of Dzhankoysky, Nizhnegorsky and Krasnogvardeysky districts heard loud sounds in the morning.

In the north of the Crimea, the air defense system worked. No casualties or destructionsaid in his Telegram channel Advisor to the Head of the Republic of Crimea Oleg Kryuchkov.

However, these events are easy to link together on the Internet, but in reality they take too much time. Roughly speaking, air defense worked at about 8 in the morning, traffic on the bridge was blocked at about 8:30. Therefore, we will adhere to the official information: traffic stop was due to technical reasons.

In any case, transport on the Crimean bridge is now running normally. According to FKU Uprdor «Taman», the cars that were in line at the auto-approaches to the bridge have already passed it, now there is no traffic congestion in the inspection zones. The Kerch ferry service also operates.

PS. Of course, the enemy cherishes dreams of striking at the Crimean bridge. It is a fact. Therefore, even if the traffic stop at the crossing is not related to “technical reasons”, but to “security measures”, this is normal.

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