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In the Russian Federation, projects of cheap low-rise buildings can be launched. In Crimea, including

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In 14 regions of Russia, pilot projects of integrated low-rise buildings and private houses (IZHS) based on standard solutions. The Public Council under the Ministry of Construction, together with the Russian Union of Builders, sent such a proposal to the department (a copy of the letter is available from Izvestia).

Typical houses can be cheaper by –20%, experts say. In addition, such projects are more understandable for banks, and the cost of mortgages on cottages may drop to the level of loans for an apartment, experts pointed out.

Home Constructor

In 14 regions, including Moscow and Leningrad Region, Altai and Krasnodar Territories, Crimea and other regions can launch pilot projects for complex low-rise buildings. It is assumed that developers will build houses using standard structural elements. The Public Council under the Ministry of Construction, together with the Russian Union of Builders, sent such a proposal to the ministry. Izvestia got acquainted with the copy of the letter.

Various standard elements have been developed: wooden, reinforced concrete, metal, chipboard and others, Oleg Betin, deputy chairman of the public council under the Ministry of Construction, a member of the working group of the Russian Union of Builders, told Izvestiya. They can be used in different variations. There are also projects for houses, settlements, provision of social facilities, infrastructure, he added.

There are developers willing to take advantage of these developments, said Oleg Betin. But on the ground it is often too difficult to overcome administrative and bureaucratic barriers, he stressed.

The regions need assistance in establishing this process, a roadmap and support in the implementation of projects. Therefore, appropriate regional operators are needed to regulate the work. It should also be that the Ministry of Construction oversees construction at the federal level , — said Oleg Betin.

According to him, developers, using standard designs, will be able to reduce the cost of construction: these are prefabricated elements that simply need to be assembled on site.

Modern house-building factories may well be oriented, among other things, to the construction of low-rise buildings and individual private houses, said Alexander Ruchev, President of Osnova Group of Companies. Private houses have slightly different requirements than multi-storey ones: higher ceilings, spacious living rooms, and so on. But the factory equipment can be reconfigured to meet these needs, the developer said.

At the same time, building a house with your own hands is always cheaper than with the involvement of professionals, Oleg Betin noted. But in this case, it is almost impossible to get a mortgage and modern infrastructure, he said.

Now often a mortgage on an individual residential building is commensurate with a regular consumer loan. The transition to an industrial type of development should at least bring the rates to one value , — said Alexander Yakubovsky, a member of the State Duma Committee for Construction and Housing and Utilities.

    Double benefit

    Integrated development according to standard projects allows saving both at the stage of designing houses, and at the stage of landscaping and logistics costs, said Anton Saukov, head of the suburban real estate center of the federal company Etazhi. The main optimization of the development budget is due to the planned development and distribution of large amounts of resources, as well as the conveyor format for the production of standard houses, explained Alexander Starikov, partner of the architectural bureau Syntaxis.

    In average terms, the cost of building such houses may be less by 20–50% compared to non-standard development. However, the final figures largely depend on the volume of construction , he estimated.

    When scaling complex development, houses can be at least % cheaper than analogues built on individual projects in a single copy, Anton Saukov believes. It is much easier for developers to buy building materials in bulk from manufacturers, avoiding the cost of intermediary services, he added.

    But now the scaling of individual construction is hindered by the lack of a mechanism for lending and participation in this segment of large players capable of investing in its development, Anton Saukov said.

  • The advantage of industrial development with private residential buildings is that a private house becomes an understandable and liquid collateral for the bank, said Alexander Yakubovsky. Thus, credit organizations will be able to finance such construction on the same basis as apartment buildings, the parliamentarian explained.

    Complex low-rise buildings are needed in the regions, said Vladimir Prokhorov, a member of the General Council of Delovaya Rossiya and the owner of the Udacha group of companies. But for the developer, this is the lowest margin product. For example, a cottage village is interesting for a developer only if it includes individual housing construction, low-rise apartment buildings, and townhouses, he pointed out.

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