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Is CMTPL popularity growing despite the crisis? Statistics, experts say, confirm

CrimeaPRESS reports:

According to the latest statistics of the Russian Union of Motor Insurers (RSA), the number of CMTPL contracts concluded in June showed an increase of 10% compared to May figures (3, 47 million and 3.10 million pieces, respectively). This, first of all, indicates that drivers are aware of the importance of OSAGO as a social type of insurance and prefer to protect themselves from possible losses in the event of an accident. Pyotr Shkumatov, the head of the working group of the ONF «Protection of the rights of motorists», believes that in a crisis situation, the growth in the popularity of OSAGO is natural.

Against the backdrop of the crisis of auto parts, the increase in their cost, more and more drivers realize that, having become the culprit of an accident, they will not be able to cover the loss of the victim in an accident and, moreover, repair their own car. Therefore, today, even former opponents of OSAGO and those who refused to insure their civil liability contrary to the legislation of the Russian Federation, went to purchase policies. This is confirmed by the data of all-Russian surveys of motorists, including the June survey of the publication «Komsomolskaya Pravda» and the May survey of the working group of the ONF «Protection of the Rights of Motorists». The results of the surveys directly show that the situation now is not the one to pay, especially in court, compensation to the victims out of their own pocket in the event of an accident. Spare parts have risen in price, the cost of repairs has increased, and drivers have naturally thought about the benefits of compulsory insurance for their wallets and nerve cells , the expert emphasizes.

Also, one of the decisive factors was the launch of the reinsurance pool 10 in April this year. It significantly increased the availability of OSAGO, especially for regions with a tense situation due to the high activity of insurance fraudsters. Thus, in the Nizhny Novgorod Region, the number of OSAGO policies in June increased by % (75 .6 thousand in June, 15, 9 thousand pieces in May), residents of the Rostov region in June entered into 17% of contracts more than in May (91,4 thousand and 78,3 thousand units, respectively), and in the Krasnodar Territory the demand for OSAGO increased immediately by 10% (91,7 thousand. in June and 111 thousand pieces in May).

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Representatives of the PCA and the insurance community agree that the reinsurance pool is undoubtedly not only an important internal tool for the insurers themselves, but also a way to improve customer experience when interacting with the OSAGO market. Prior to the launch of the pooling mechanism, some categories of insurers might have encountered difficulties when applying for an auto-citizenship policy through the E-Garant system, which added several additional steps to the contract conclusion process. Now the client can apply directly to any insurance company of his choice, the entire reinsurance process takes place without his participation, and this is another step in increasing the availability of OSAGO for all categories of drivers.

Source: ppress service of the Information Project «OSAGO: public expertise»

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