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Isn't Salgir too full these days, Simferopol residents ask. Will the river flood the city

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The authorities answer: it will not flood, everything is going according to plan.

The Simferopol reservoir is being prepared to receive flood waters. To do this, at the end of February, a planned discharge of water into the Salgir River began from the reservoir. This was reported in the State Committee for Water Resources of the Republic of Crimea.

The view of the full-flowing and even stormy Salgir confused Simferopol residents a little, especially the residents of Rocketnaya and Larionov streets, where flooding is not uncommon. The authorities answer: everything is on the plug and under control.

GBU RK «Krymmeliovodkhoz» discharges water at a rate of 3 cubic meters per second. The carrying capacity of the Salgir riverbed is 30 cubic meters per second. Therefore, I want to note that the discharge of water does not pose any danger to the population of Simferopol. In addition, we are in constant interaction with colleagues to prevent flooding.— commented on the situation, the head of the administration of the Crimean capital, Mikhail Afanasiev.

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