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«Ivan Khurs» returned to Sevastopol. Safe and sound

CrimeaPRESS reports:

attacked in Black Sea enemy unmanned boats and the Russian ship Ivan Khurs, which repelled this attack, returned to Sevastopol. This is evidenced by photos and videos from the Sevastopol Bay. Particular attention to this fact is that since the attack of the CIPSO, Ukrainian propagandists, «like bloggers» and outright alarmists «dispersed» information on the Internet (supported by fake photos and videos) that «Ivan Khurs» as a result of the attack all — did get hurt.

Lies refuted by the ship itself. The medium reconnaissance ship «Ivan Khurs» enters the bay under its own power. And for the «unbelievers» — here’s a video of both the port side and the starboard side.

Video: Mash on the waveVideo: Readovka

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