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January 10 — St. Ignatius Day, Household Day. Christmas divination

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Christmas divination, festivities, gatherings and gatherings continue. January is called “Household Day”, as our ancestors tried to get together with the whole family. And in the evening, young people always gathered in a company in order to tell fortunes, dance round dances, get to know each other and start relationships for a subsequent wedding. Legends and folk songs were passed from mouth to mouth on long winter evenings.

Signs of the day:

  • If frost is noticeable on the trees on this day, and there is no wind at all, wait for a harvest year and good luck in all matters.
  • If a person was born on Ignatius Day, then he will love home comfort, which means he will be a wonderful host.
  • Such people are recommended to wear chalcedony as a talisman.
  • They say that everything done with your family January will be blessed and bear fruit in the future, making a person truly happy.
  • On Household Day, meek and kind people are born who will be economic and exemplary family men.
  • If the salt is suddenly damp — wait for inclement weather.
  • If you get the charmed salt and add it to household dishes, then no one in the family will quarrel all year.
  • If the weather is calm, expect a good harvest.
  • If frost formed on the hay in the barn, this foreshadowed a damp and rainy summer.
  • If you get married 10 in January, the marriage will be happy.
  • If you accept carolers on the day 10 of January, then this will become a guarantee of health and well-being, protect the house from damage and the evil eye, and save cattle from diseases.
  • If the cat sleeps all day — wait for warming.
  • If the dog got out of the booth and lay down on the snow — a sign that there will be a snowstorm.
  • If large snow flakes fall from the sky, it will get warmer very soon.
  • If the laundry dries slowly — expect a good harvest of flax.
  • If the fish in the river behaves restlessly and splashes its tail, there will soon be a snowstorm.
  • If flocks of sparrows in January chirp merrily under the roof of the house — wait for warm weather.
  • Snowstorm January is a sign that promises a wet, rainy and damp summer.
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Name days are celebrated today by: Arkady, Alexander, Ignatius, Dominika, Efim, Nikanor, Peter.

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