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January 22 is Philip's Day. Do you want to get the invisibility cap?

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Yes Yes! It is 22 January that has a chance to get this very invisibility cap! Where and how? You can pick it up from Bannik (bath spirit). What should be done? Our ancestors voiced the algorithm of actions as follows:

  • you need to go into the bathhouse last, put your cross under the sole of your left boot, sit facing the wall and start cursing everything in the world from the bottom of your heart. After that, according to beliefs, an old man will appear who will hold out a hat.

However, they say that a miracle hat can be found just like that — sometimes the bathing spirit leaves it for good people.

And the people also believed: if 22 in January you leave a cat wrapped in a diaper in a bath for the night, and then run away and cross yourself three times, in the morning you will have an unchangeable ruble!

In addition, January was busy noticing the weather. As it will be today, so it will be in September.

Signs of the day:

  • Traditionally, livestock was released into the yard on this day. If she did not linger for a long time on the street and tried to return back under the roof, this foreshadowed a strong cold.
  • If it is clear on Eustratia, this year there will be a good harvest.
  • There was a custom to go to the bathhouse — to “wash off Christmas time”, i.e. cheerful festive carelessness and start your daily workdays fresh and renewed. In general, a bath in Russian traditional culture is a symbol of purification. You will wash in the bathhouse — you will wash away all ailments, burdens and sorrows.
  • There are a lot of crows circling in the sky — snow will fall.
  • Jackdaws and crows they sit on the snow — it will soon be warm.
  • Crows gather in flocks and sit on the upper branches of trees — to a strong cold. Birds sit at the bottom of the trees — for clear weather.
  • The cat climbs onto the stove, in warmth — to frost. Lies up belly — to the thaw. He sharpens his claws on wooden objects — the wind will blow. Drinks a lot of water — to bad weather. He sleeps a lot — for warm weather.
  • The dog lies curled up in a ball — for the cold.
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Name days are celebrated today: Antonina, Zakhar, Peter.

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