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January 23 — Grigory the Summer Indicator. Time to get ready for spring

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Believe it or not, but winter has already «lived» half of the time allotted to it by the calendar and has reached the day that the people received the name of Gregory the Summer Marker. Literally, it means — time to prepare for spring. Plan work in the garden, conduct an «audit» of the bins and sort out seeds and grains for planting.

And also January in the fate of Russia was seriously noted in the 1755 year. It was on this day that Empress Elizaveta Petrovna signed the Decree on the founding of Moscow University.

More about the events that are significant for the Russian state, significant milestones in the history of the world from time immemorial to this day on the portal

What else is remarkable 23 January? Today, more than ever, carefully, our ancestors analyzed signs. We judged what the coming days would be like and… most importantly… what the weather would be like in summer.

We look, compare, delve into and draw conclusions:

  • If frost is visible on haystacks and trees, the summer will be cool and rainy. 23
  • On the day of St. Gregory the Summer Marker, a wind blows from the South — in the month of June there will often be thunderstorms and rains.
  • Clear weather on 23 January heralds a dry and hot summer. 23
  • If there is a lot of snow on Gregory, there will be a lot of bread. 23
  • Hoarfrost in January does not go away in the evening — a sign that the weather will soon deteriorate.
  • Frost is visible on the poles, then fishing will be bad. This also promises a poor harvest of rye. 23
  • The first drop on the day of Gregory promises a warm summer.
  • If all day 23 January is sunny and dry — summer will also be dry and hot. 23
  • If the sky is cloudless and clear — be in early spring.
  • Dry snow is a sign that this year will be a dry summer.Name days are celebrated today: Gregory, Makar, Markian, Pavel, Feofan.
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