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January 25 — Tatyana's day

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Tatyana’s day is a double holiday. Firstly, it is celebrated by Christians, paying tribute to the memory of Tatyana Kreshchenskaya or Roman. The legend says: the girl, born into a wealthy family, strongly believed in God and took a vow of chastity. For this she was rewarded with the title of deaconess. When the persecution of Christians reached its peak, the pagans seized her — they wanted to convert her to their religion. However, Tatyana Rimskaya read a prayer that caused an earthquake that destroyed the pagan temple. After that, the girl’s torment began — she was crippled, thrown into prison, locked in the same cell with a lion … As a result, Tatyana and her father were executed by cutting off their heads. For her torment, she was canonized as a saint.

During the time of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, Tatyana’s day firmly established itself in the secular calendar. Became iconic for students. After all, it was January that the autocrat issued a decree according to which Moscow State University was opened in the capital of Russia.

From student traditions of this day:

  • If a student wants to get lucky in his studies for the next year, he must defend a prayer service in the church, which is held in honor of the memory of St. Tatyana.
  • Also in January, students call the ball. They go out onto the balcony or look out the window, shake the record book and shout: “Shara, come!” They say that if someone shouts in response — “Already on the way”, then everything will be fine in the academic life of the owner of the grade book.
  • Another student sign for the future — on the last page of the student’s record book, you need to draw a house with a chimney. From which it MUST be smoke. And the longer its stream is, the easier it will be to study this year.
  • But reading notes on Tatyana’s day is forbidden, otherwise the upcoming exam will not be easy.
  • It is believed that if a student does not get drunk in January, then his studies will be worse for him, because “On Tatyana’s day, all students drunk.
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As for weather signs accompanying 25 January, then:

  • If it snows, there will be a lot of rain in summer.
  • A warm wind blows — the summer will be dry, and the harvest will not be rich.
  • Clear and frosty weather — summer will be moderately warm and without any special temperature drops.
  • If the sun is shining brightly, birds will soon arrive, and spring will come.
  • Large snowdrifts on Tatyana’s day — there will be a lot of bread. Tatyana’s Day is a sign that portends an early spring.

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