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January 4 — St. Anastasia's Day. Don't walk around the house barefoot

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Anastasia was popularly called the Setter of Patterns. They considered her the patroness of pregnant women and prayed to her during childbirth. But at all times people, hoping for God, tried not to blunder themselves. And therefore, a woman expecting the birth of a child was forbidden many things that no one would pay attention to in everyday life. “To walk with a belly — to wear death on the collar,” the midwives frightened their “wards”, forcing them to protect their eyes more from unpleasant surprises, both themselves and their unborn baby.

In addition, the people often called Anastasia Postnitsa, since her day preceded the Christmas fast. She was also prayed for the health and well-being of the children as they went to church on January 4th. In addition, it was believed that Anastasia patronizes innocently convicted people.

Signs of the day:

  • It was forbidden to beat animals on this day. It was rumored that otherwise the person would have problems with his legs. However, our smaller brothers should not be offended on any other day!
  • On this day, girls should not have their ears pierced, otherwise they will not heal for a long time.
  • Walking barefoot around the house on January 4 is not allowed — this is to poverty.
  • In addition, it is impossible on this day knit so that none of the family members go to jail.
  • Dreams about Anastasia are considered bad, prophesying trouble.
  • According to the weather, October was predicted for Anastasia.
  • Married girls and married women embroidered special towels that day. It was believed that they would become reliable amulets during childbirth, both for the mother and for the baby. The midwife wiped the sweat from the forehead of the woman in labor with such a towel, uttered special conspiracies that protected the woman from pain and suffering.
  • Those who fell to give birth that day were considered happy . According to popular beliefs, childbirth will be easy, and the baby will be born strong and healthy. In order for the child to be born faster, the expectant mother untied her hair and untied all the knots on her clothes in order to make it easier for the child to enter the world of people.
  • Pregnant women were fed porridge, specially cooked on this day — so that there is no miscarriage.
  • Expectant mothers were not allowed to sew that day.
  • A lot of icicles on the roofs — for the harvest year.
  • Clouds are floating against the wind — snow will fall soon.
  • There is less water in the rivers — the year will be unfavorable for fishing. In addition, this sign foreshadowed a drought.
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Name days are celebrated today by: Fedor, Dmitry, Anastasia.

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